I wanna have my cousins

I really, really, REALLY wanna fuck my cousin, like really badly, I wanna put myself in her sweaty pussy after a long workout

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  • Many years ago I went out of state to see family, I found that the girl cousin, I was closest with grow up real nice looking. We had fun going places and doing thing's. She was married a few years at this pont. One night before my drive back, she was pushing for me to stay longer, But I had to get back, so I told her I would come back in a month or so.
    When I came back her husband was at work and my Aunt and uncle were out for a while and her sisters were at the mall. She made it clear she was happy to see me, and the kissing started, I did think about it but it did feel good, so what the hell, she took my hand and headed back to the room I was to stay in and she started taking off her clothes. I thought wow this is not right, but she really looked good. So we had sex and when possible while I was there we found a way to have sex again. For a few years I would go out every few month's

  • So do it. What’s stopping you? That’s how my cousin and I started fucking. He just put it in me one day. It’s that easy.

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