Banged in my bottom

Ok, I am a man, and one day I was out drinking with some friends. After we finished having drinks I was pretty loaded, and so was my friends. My friend insisted on bringing me home to ensure I made it safely. He brought me up to my place and put my in my bed, for some reason I asked him to fuck me in the ass. He said yes, he pulled my pants down and put his big dick in my ass then started fucking the shit out of me. I loved the feeling so much, I started pushing myself into his thrusts and it was extremely sensational. He fucked me for about 5 minutes, which I thought was pretty lame. I said "Awe man, is that it?" he laughed and said "well its not my fault you have a tight asshole". I laughed and accepted the fact he couldn't fuck me longer. I asked to suck his dick but it was covered with my shit so it was a no go for me. I went to sleep and he went home. Now I wish to be fucked in the ass again, but this time with someone who can last at least half an hour. I want my ass fucked so bad. Please hit me up right away, I need my asshole filled with a nice big juicy thick long cock that can last for an hour. Just fuck me daddy. I wanna suck a dick too, for my first time.

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  • I’m straight but curious I would love to fuck your ass all night long. I would love to have your ass every day. Reply if interested

  • I am interested. Why don't you cum in me big boy.

  • Hi I would love to fuck your ass all night. I’m Rob and love anal. Leave me your email and we can talk. I would love to see your ass.

  • Where do you live Mr. Rob? You got a big dick you can fill me up with? I live in Vancouver, B.C. ;)

  • I was no stranger to cock growing up. I was a cute prepubescent kid who had quite a few boy's trying to get in my tighty-whitey underpants. Some did to both of our delight. As I got older I got married and am still basically a newlywed. This last summer I went backpacking with a friend who's also a newlywed and we smoked a little pot and I told him that I was quite the cute little boy slut when I was younger. I guess I was flirting with him subconsciously I'm not sure? He admitted to fucking and getting sucked by a cute little sissy boy who lived down the street from him. We got horny exchanging stories and he made me his bitch, I sucked and was joyously fucked by his gorgeous cock. We're still lovers in secret.

  • I would love to fuck your ass all night. I would have u lay on your stomach and lick your ass. Then I would pound your ass.

  • Would you let me suck your cock until you cum on my face? Or should I just swallow that man juice up?

  • Swallow my cum baby

  • I wanna put that thing down my throat

  • I would love to see you try, wink wink i dont live in Vancouver British Columbia.

  • So where do u live. Im lanarkshire scotland. ML5 joeh81421 very curious. I love young ass n cock.

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