I Tease my Husband's Buddy

As soon as my husband went outside to grill chicken. I slid a hand in my loose shorts and fingered my pussy. I was horny knowing my husband's friend didn't follow my husband outside and was behind me still watching tv. But I pretended to be alone and slid a hand down my shorts. I rubbed, fingered, and wiggled while making little noises of pleasure coming from my wet and eager pussy. Then door opened. My husband was coming back inside so I painfully removed my hungry hand. I get off teasing his friend so I sucked my fingers knowing he was enjoying. I love teasing this man who I so want to jump his big fat bone. But I am faithful 7 years now and cannot touch another. I often want to at least just feel and suck him just to see if it is all that it appears to be. I am tortured so I continue to torture him how I can and still be true and faithful to my husband.

19 days


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    • From one woman to another… keep it as a fantasy and don’t act on it. I did and regret it because the guy told his friends and they all expected me to do the same for them. One guy even threatened to tell my husband until I gave in. Now I’m constantly worried who will use the same tactic. I don’t like being “that woman”

    • Not that I do it often but I have to go home and masturbate after I've been out teasing, short skirt with no panties, flimsy shirt with no bra. I love it when older men stare, watching them sneaking around for a better view. it is a gas watching them get worked up. I wonder are they going to go home and do an ugly wife or do they have to jerk off because they are by themselves.

    • You can have a sexy wife and still get turned on by another. Then you go home and give your cute wife a little extra attention!

    • My former.MIL did that. Always wore sheer blouses with black bras. Huge tits on her too

    • Yum

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