Addicted Wife

I married my wife even though she didn't believe in oral sex. I took a chance that her mind would change eventually change. Boy it changed a great deal! It was like we renewed our marriage and I married a different woman. We been married a good number of years. We would go to adult stores, strip bars to spice up our relationship. She really turned me on when she entered a wet tee shirt contest when we vacationed at the beach. She came in second place. If she was a bit younger her big saggy tits would of given her first place.
She turned me on showing off her tits to the public at that bar. We both was a bit tipsy when we got back to the motel room. I groped her big breasts and started talking dirty to her. I kept playing with her tits and worked down to her hairy snatch. "No! " she said as she tried to pull me up. I wanted to really eat her out after her boldness at the bar. I resisted her hands and held her legs apart. " No, please don't! " she kept saying but I ignored her and licked that snatch with my tongue. My cock really stiffened up tasting her kitty. She began to get wet there. Her juices really got me going. I opened her slit and played with her clit with my finger and kept sticking my tongue in her snatch. She began to play and suck those lovely big tits. I knew I was turning her on.
She stopped yelling out " No, please don't. " to "Don't stop! " I was down there for some time. Then I felt her body tighten up and she raised up a bit and I knew I gave her an orgasm. She shook and trembled hard. "You're the best! " she told me and she tells me she wants to be eaten more often,
When driving home she surprised me. She wouldn't be able to do this in a car because of the bucket seats. We was in my truck which still has bench seats. She unzipped me pulled my dick out and began blowing me. " This is a return favor for the great orgasm I got back at the room. "
I started something I regret. My wife limits the number of times I put my dick in her. She pushes me down on her and blurts out, "Eat me!" My reward from her now and then is a blow job from her, pulling my dick out of her mouth when ready to explode and shoot it across her face. One of these days I'm going to hold her head tight on my dick saying dirty things to her and make her swallow my load.

2 months ago

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    • She sounds amazing. I too love giving oral to my wife. She is a bigger woman, and my favorite thing to do is strip her down and have her stand above me as i sit on the floor and lick her until she climaxes a few times and then we have sex. We have kids, so it usually is quiet

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