Sucker's on this site

For the first time ever, what I'm about to write will be the gods honest truth.

I am 14 years old, male, and yes I obviously live at home with my parents. I will however turn 15 next month. July 2nd to be exact. Yes I have friends and yes we hang out, laughing at old people. If you have to ask, you are old.

Me and my friends write some of the dumbest shit on this site, all to see if we can get a reaction. I have to admit we have gotten some people to flip there fucking shit. Meanwhile, me and friends sit reading your stupid responses, just dying of laughter. Cuckholding, incest, sister's mothers, aunts, dads, brothers uncles, big cocks, small cocks, black cocks, hoes. You name it, odds are me and my friends and bullshitted about it.

So keep on responding people, because it's the freaks like the dude who flips his shit over incest that keeps us coming back. Amen, and thank you NaughtyPost for giving us a place to troll the fucking out some of the dumbest people on Earth.

3 months ago

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    • Almost all the stories are fake!

    • You piece of shit kid. You really think that you are it huh?

    • Well your wife thought I was all that last night when I was fucking her.

    • Your mom is a whore.

    • Suck balls nigger

    • Funny how so many people are triggered by a 14 year old boy. Lol

    • What do you think that you are the only ones writing fake shit on the here!
      99% of the stories are fake asshole! You think you are anonymously posting here dip shits! Has anyone clicked on the privacy button below? Read it even with a VPN they are still tracking you and selling your data! Read it I'm not gonna tell you how they are, but they know who you are fools!

    • Nothing like being 14 with zits all over your face wishing you could fuck the girl down the street.

    • It’s suckers not sucker’s. Go back to school

    • Remember just like your making shit up so is everyone else it's the internet. By the way your mom likes black cock. Just ask her and see the look on her face .

    • He’s an Oreo himself.

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