Parents have no idea (college)

My parents are paying for my college to the tune of $75K a year. I'm still a year away from graduating, and I'm spending a semester studying abroad in New Zealand.

My parents think I'm taking a lot of classes and focusing on academics, but really, I'm just out going to clubs, drinking a lot, snorting good dope, and fucking a shit load of cute guys. I haven't been to a class in two weeks. I think I can still turn some shit in and pass, though.

I woke up this morning and there were two guys in my apartment that I didn't remember fucking from the night before. I had to ask who they were. It's been out of control.

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  • Can i likeee smash ???. I mean im athletic but if your high i don't think my looks will matter as much i really will enjoy it

  • My parents paid my tutition, but I had to pay for everything else. I had a job waitressing at a steakhouse. My side job was "stripping". Let's just say my parents thought waitresses in college towns made good money. 😉

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