My Maserati is a Panty Dropper !

Wow I can hardly believe my luck guys. My Maserati Gran Turismo is a bonefide panty dropping machine. Yep to date I have had hot steamy sex with get this 6 sexy bitches in my car. Oh and that doesn't count the 3 blowjobs I have also gotten while driving. It's amazing how a hot car gets the ladies all hot and steamy. Yep they go for a ride and then things happen. They want to play with my cock or wrap their mouth around my dick. It's even better when they want to get plowed on the rich leather. So all you fucking little girlie men driving around in your Toyota Prius I bet you don't get women wanting to go for a ride let alone have sex in your piece of fucking shit little Jap shit box. I'm even ready for all the haters to come and tell me I'm an asshole. So fucking what. Keep jerking off at home while I'm taking a hot babe for a short ride and sex. Oh and all you fucking hairy legged lesbos fuck off two. Not even your girlfriends in the Volkswagen Beatles give you sex. Keep your smell ass closed nobody give two shits about hearing from you. Suck a horse twat you shanks. Ok let me have it all you losers. The smile on my face says it all. Fuck you. No that's it nobody will. Eat Me you wankers .

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  • We see sex they see resources.The game has been played out a million times by far better liars than you.

  • Well say what you want about your Maserati, the car that I had that got the girls for me was a Chevy Station Wagon! Yup, and I'm not embarrassed to say it. It was a full sized model, and when the seats in the back flipped down, you had more than six feet of room between the back of the front seat pushed all the way forward, and the tailgate. Enough for both you and your lady to be quite comfortable. I had four girls from high school who loved that car, and always wanted to get in the back. It was hard finding a place to park securely. But the drive in was always the best place to go. I'd take a date to the drive in and it wouldn't be long before we were in the back and clothes were flying. I have a lot of memories ftom those days with that old Chevy and the girls that were always asking to go for rides in it.

  • You are right it's the man not the car that will get you laid.

  • You fucking dreamers are as bad as the OP More women will flirt to get a ride and after the ride! They just get out with a thanks stupid. Dumb ass mid life crisis men.

  • I graduated from high school in 75 and my car was a 70 Mustang Mach 1. Great car and I even had fun at the drive in with several girls I was dating. My best friend had a 68 Corvette convertible with the 350 horse 327. I loved his car it was fun to drop the top and go cruising in. Most guys were into cars then. It was the thing to do. Another friend had a 70 Dodge Super Bee with the 440 six pack. Now that was an awesome car. Don't know how much pussy he got but his car was consistently the fastest one around our area. Oh those were the days.

  • I wish I had a panty dropping car. Mine is a fucking KIA. Nobody evens wants a ride in my car not even my mom or my GF. No shit! I want a cool fucking car. My buddy had a 95 Camaro SS and he got all the girls in school. I really was very envious of him.

  • Shit you aint seen nottin. My 71 Eldorado was a real bonefide panty dropper. The bitches I hosed in that car were to many to numbers anyway or how. They would see me rolling up to the curb and I had 3 and 4 hanging in the window beggin for a ride. I chose the bitch with the biggest fucking ass and tits. Then I drove then around the corner to a place under the freeway and that bitch would get the pleasure of my huge fucking cocks. Those were the days of lots of big lipped twats and endless blowjobs. Hell even white hos wanted a ride in my Eldo. That was a man's car. They don't make em like her anymore.

  • I understand where you are coming from. Back in the day when I was in high school my dad bought me a 78 Trans Am. It was a TA 6.6 4 speed car in the Martinique Blue with a light blue clothe interior. I was getting plenty of pussy in that car. It broke my heart when I finally sold it around 89. I was finally working and finished college making my own money. I bought a brand new Cadillac Brougham that year. I was married and had one kid. I would love to find my old T/A and buy it back now that I am retired. Awesome times I had cruising around in it with a few of the girls I went to school with.

  • PANTY DROPPER ! I wanted this for my license plate but the lady at the DMV said that they deemed it offensive. I asked her is she found it offensive and she said yes. I told her when I get my McLaren 720S I will come show her and see how she feels about it then. Keep on rocking all you coolies . Fuck you haters kiss my wing ding. Yeah!

  • First nobody can kiss a micro dick, Second panty dropper is to many letters for any plate so no

  • "When I get my McLaren"
    Keep dreaming fuck stick.

  • Not dreaming at all fuck stick licker. I'm really getting a McLaren. It's a done deal. You see the wealthy get even more wealthier in a pandemic. I have a 2019 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series right now. Along with a nice collection of some rare and awesome Porsches. Like a beautiful extremely low mile slant nose , 68 low mile 911, a 91 911 Turbo with less than 10 k miles. I also own several Lambos, and two Ferraris. Life is just fucking awesome. I might buy a new C8 Corvette as a daily driver just for shits and giggles cause I can. I do own a couple American cars though. A 2019 Challenger Demon, and a 1969 Mustang Shelby 500 convertible. Cars are a fun release for me when I'm not flying in my Gulfstream G450. I do own a nice single engine Beechcraft A36 Bonanza for putting around locally less than 300 nautical miles or so.

  • What are the Tail numbers on those planes? Tell us

  • Bring it on all ya fucking haters. Let me have all the hate. I love fucking with you losers out there in your fucking stick built shacks you call homes LOL. Yeah bitches bring it. Especially all you man haters fuck you! Nobody wants your dried up smelly snatches.

  • Does it do 185? Did you lose your license, and now you don't drive? Do you have a limo, ride in the back? Are you making records, your fans they can't wait? Has life been food so far?

  • I wish I was fucking Joe Walsh oh man. I have been up to 175 so far. I still have my license and no tickets as of yet. I only go really fast late at night.

  • Ride on brotha.

  • Thanks man finally a cool person who understands the big picture and not like all these fuckin Haters!

  • You only go for short rides because that shit box keeps breaking down. Wonder how many girls you lost out on because they had to take an Uber home

  • Ah fucking another pussy boy riding on his Schwinn 10 speed. Get a life and let the men talk their shit little boyz!

  • Thats exactly it SHIT or BULL SHITT the loser men talk about here.

  • You fucking kill me. It goes in for it's regular maintenance and so far no trouble. You have to pay to play no matter what. If you just like an ordinary average car that's fine I don't fucking care. Great whatever turns you on. Life is too fucking short to not enjoy things. I've already decided to trade it in on a McLaren 720 S. Now that car will drop triple the panties. Only thing is you have to go to a nice expensive hotel as no room for fun. Chicks love going to really fancy hotels with hot tubs and stuff. Rock on!

  • LMAO

  • You do not sound what I would describe as happy.

  • Oh I'm fucking happy believe you me. My cock is also fucking happy. I'm having the time of my life. Oh baby suck my fuck stick baby!

  • So you fuck in your car like you did in high school. Maybe someday you'll actually be able to take a girl home, except you probably live in a piece of shit. You spend all your money keeping your Maserati on the road. I'm sure it's not a new one either.

  • Yup you be a hater. EAT ME FAGGOT! I live in a nice new condo right on the bay man. It was a one owner low mile example. Less than 6000 miles and great car. I am trading it in on a new McLaren 720 S. No that will drop the panties at triple the rate. Only thing is I will have to take them to either my condo or to a 5 star hotel and treat them to the works. I don't mind doing that. It will be so cool to pull up to the valet parking in a fucking new McLaren. Get them panties a droppin if ya wants a ride with me BITCH!

  • Fake ass fucking dreamer. The only panties dropping in your car rusting in back of your mommies house is yours.

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