Florida in february

So the wife and I decided to go down to Florida for the weekend a week or two ago. Chill at the beach, chill pool side, that sort of thing.

So we are down there poolside. My wife isn't fat or even chubby. She's just thick. Big round butt, firm and perky c cup tits. She also doesn't shave her pussy or armpits. It's not all out of control. She has a natural small triangle when her legs are closed. She shaves the pubes on her thighs but leaves her outer labia natural.

So she's laying out and she gets a text. She asks me if I wanna go out on Ted's boat. Ted is a friend of the family that has been around for a while. My wife has slept with him a few times. I know about it. Doesn't bother me. Why should it? He lives in Florida and we live in Chicago. Then again, I get turned on by the thought of her having sex with other men.

So we go out. Just out on the open ocean. Beautiful day. He turns off the boat and we are just relaxing. My wife says, "You care if I take my swim suit off?" Both me and Ted say at the same time, "Sure, go for it." She unties her bikini top and drops it. She unties the bottoms and drops them. She's standing there with her long blonde hair that has been colored to have red and blue at the ends. She lifts up her arms. Her armpits are colored red and her bush is colored blue.

Ted says, "How patriotic of you. That taste like blueberry?" She sits down, spreads her legs and says, "You're welcome to come and see."

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  • ...and so, did anyone taste to see?

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