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I post my wife's nude photos online

I enjoy posting my wife's nude photos online. She has no idea that I do it. It turns me on when people post responses to the photos. Some are just her boobs, but I have also posted videos of her masturbating with a large dildo, giving me a blow job, and her receiving anal sex. She would die if she knew. I wish she was more adventurous and would... [more]

His penis was very huge

As usual, I was assigned by my boss to accompany his business associate from outside the town. And as usual, my task is to meet whatever they need. This guest was a fat man with a smiling face. Not too talkative but very nice. He will return tomorrow morning and did not seem interested in anything. It was still early in the afternoon and because... [more]

I'm disgusted with myself

I made out with a guy last night that I've only hung out with twice. We were sleeping in the same bed together and so we started to make out. He fondled me a little and eventually took off my bra so I was lying in the bed completely topless. I was super uncomfortable so I tried to hide myself under the blanket. He pulled the blanket away and told... [more]

Got caught

So I (f16) went camping with my friend and some of my family and my friend (m14) had to share a tent with my little cousin (m12) and in the middle of the night I decided to join them. I really like my friend so I kept laying really close to him, then my cousin got to talking and I decided him telling a story as a perfect distraction and took the... [more]

I got more than I planned

I hadn't been out for a while because I was breastfeeding and didn't want any embarrassing situations.
I went out with my husbands friends. He stayed at home to look after the baby but figured I needed a night out.
It was a fun night out but then I think I drank a little to much and I don't remember much.
I woke up the next morning to find two... [more]

I cant stop exposing my pussy in public

Ok so I found out at an early age that I got off on exposing myself in public, after that first time I was hooked but lately I have become obsessed with it. it influences my daily schedule and happens multiple times a day and I love it every time only worry is maybe getting arrested. but ive noticed it takes more and more daring things to get me... [more]

Caught the neighbor boy peeking at me

We just moved into a new town and I met our neighbors, and they have a boy about 15 I would guess. The back of our house is an L shape. I was changing to my night gown last night, and had taken off everything and had to pee. When I went into the bath, I did not turn on the lights, just sat and peed. I got up to wash my hands and saw through the... [more]

First stall-job

For the first time I had my first bathroom stall handjob and the guy in the next stall slid his cock under the stall, heres where it gets hot he had the biggest cock ive ever seen for a white guy and for a fact im also caucasian anyway his cock had to have been 10-11 inches hard so i went into his stall and gave'em the proper handjob i made him... [more]

Neighbors computer

As I am good with computers my neighbor asked if I would look at issues she was having with hers. Basically her issue was that her hard drive was full. I told her if she got a bigger one I could transfer everything to the new one and she agreed. She asked if I could just go out and get her one and she would repay me. I took the current hard drive... [more]

My girlfriend's little sister

A long time ago in the mid 90's my go's sister would stay with us. She was pretty hot and I'm not sure she was out of high school yet. I always wanted her around and if she had a date I would 'kidnap' her so she would miss it. I did not want any boy touching her and she would get so mad at me. I was protecting her virginity, so I kept telling... [more]

My stepmother

This happens a lot. MY father divorced my mother because she drank too much. I couldn't stand to live with her because of her slutting around and bringing strange men into the house.
So on my fathers suggestion I moved into another house with him.
I'm twentyone and have a year left in college and to make a long story short my fourtyfive... [more]

Meeting with older guys in Spain

I'm a 14yo girl this is my confession about a holiday my parents me, my friend 13 who was a little younger then me, where taken this summer to Spain. My parents are always working and normally take a few breaks a year from work stress, We went to the Costa De Dorado, Salon which was nice.
My parents spend most of the time when on holiday on... [more]


My girlfriend has D-cup boobs. She doesn't think they're very big, though. I have to confess that I enjoy them. She's very concerned with her looks and often has me help her with different "tests" to measure herself. For example, she's had me help her measure how long her tits are (5 inches), how big around they are (16 inches), how long across... [more]

Total Surprise Gift From Girlfriend

My relationship with my girlfriend is great but the sex activities was getting ho-hum. Judy could see that I was not my self. I was starting to lose interest in her small breasts. She told me she wished her tits was as big as her older cousin's. "Yeah," I said to her. Her cousin Barb has big double or triple D's. "You know Barb been asking me... [more]

I just sucked a dick to fuck his wife

I just met a really hot girl in a bar and she invited me back to hers. On route she said that she had a husband and I wasn't happy about that.
She said that it was OK as he was the one that sent her out to find a guy. Confused but still excited to fuck this girl I went with it and made it back to hers only to find her husband was home!... [more]


I have always loved doing sexual things that are wrong, things that i shouldn't do. Taboo stuff really gets me off.
It sounds like some kind of cheap porno but in my last year of high school i was having sex with one of my teachers for better grades.It started off just the once but it was the best sex i'd ever had, he gave me orgasms than i... [more]

Is it just me

I'm a 17 year old female and live right next door to a boy that exposes himself to me. His window faces mine and thought it was an accident when I saw him walking around in his room naked. I realized he was doing it on purpose, when I saw him the next day laying on his masturbating with his curtains wide open. I knew I shouldn't have been looking... [more]

Does letting my gay friend suck me off make me gay?

I'm a totally straight guy but haven't been getting much later. I have a really close friend who is gay. I was friends with him since we were kids before I even knew he was gay. I've never been attracted to him or anything and I don't think he ever has been to me. Anyway last week I was at his place and he mentioned he would love to give me a... [more]

Sweet Nurse

A while back I was in a hospital with a heart problem. The treatment was to give me a diuretic (pill to make me pee a lot). I was weak so they put a catheter (tube) going up my penis into my bladder which is held there by a little balloon on the end of the tube and has holes in it to let the pee go out into another tube which empties into a big... [more]

Blackmailed flight attendant into sex...

There's this terrible thing I did...
For two years I dated this stewardess who flies for Virgin America. During our relationship we racked up quite a collection of sex pictures and videos that we had made together. She really loved doing it and would often want to actually hold the camera during sex.
Shortly after we broke up I lost track of the... [more]

My Demons.

I just thought I would drop a little more information about myself. Get you all started. As I said, I'm 28. I have children but won't say how many or anything. I was in a very long relationship with the woman of my dreams. Now I need to just vent. Get this off my chest. First, I'm a great guy all around. I'm nice, helpful, caring, empathetic, and... [more]

I let him do it.......

What if you didn't have a choice? What if, the only way to survive was to allow a man to have sex with your children? What recourse does one have when they have exhausted all of their resources? You people scream and talk about whats right and wrong and that your children should be taken away from you, blah, blah, blah. Children get molested and... [more]

My cousin looked at me

When I was 16 I went to the restroom to pee. I shut the door and of course locked it.
There was a space between the door and the wall and if you looked through to space you could see into the bathroom.
I was at my grandmothers house and my grandmother had put a rag in this space.
I got through peeing when I saw the rag being pushed out... [more]

Play for pay

My niece's friend told me she wanted a job and would "play for pay" as my " sugar baby". She's 11 and I'm 30. She made the offer when I gave her a ride home and said her foster mother uses the state stipend to get her the bare essentials and keeps the rest as profit. She knows I have plenty of disposable income because I give my niece and nephew... [more]

My dog

I have a big Dog and I love to go outside, pull my pants down and bend over, she will walk up behind me and begin to lick my ass, then moves to my balls then with her fuzzy nose to my dick then back again! It feel so good I get a hard on and start to masturbate she helps me with that too, she licks the end of my dick and when I cum, she laps up... [more]

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