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Lazer hair removal down there, Daddy's paying

I hate my pubic hair, when it was long enough to pluck out I did (12 ish) then I started shaving it and then waxing. When I turned 16 I found a beautician who would give me the full Hollywood wax. I'm 17 now and want Lazer hair removal. I want to be totally hairless down there forever with no ongoing cost or razor burn.
I live with my dad, and... [more]

First stall-job

For the first time I had my first bathroom stall handjob and the guy in the next stall slid his cock under the stall, heres where it gets hot he had the biggest cock ive ever seen for a white guy and for a fact im also caucasian anyway his cock had to have been 10-11 inches hard so i went into his stall and gave'em the proper handjob i made him... [more]

Discovered I like wearing thongs

I’m an athletic and in shape straight guy, and recently on a whim I bought some thong underwear (to be clear I mean man thongs, not panties). I’m finding that I actually really like them. They’re light and comfortable and feel almost like going commando but with the support necessary for my package. Ladies, what would you think if your man started... [more]

Ever been propositioned unexpectedly?

Has anyone here ever been propositioned unexpectedly? You know, hit on or someone hinting they would like sex with you in a context that was surprising to you? Men and women, share your experiences.

"Grower" or "Shower"?

My dick is 6.5" hard, pretty average. My question is how your dick works to get to its max. If it is cold, flaccid my dick is about 1". Looks tiny. If it is warm, it is maybe 3". It's very temperature sensitive. I'm a "grower" because it looks small but gets a lot bigger when aroused.
I know other guys who are just plain big flaccid, 5" or 6"... [more]

Straight People- What's the Gayest Thing You've Ever Done?

I'm female, 22, straight. My boyfriend admitted to me last night after sex that he once went to a gay bar and hooked up with a guy out of curiosity. They went to my boyfriend's house, my boyfriend gave him a bowjob, and then the two had sex for a while after. I'm assuming this is common so-
What's the gayest thing you've done as a straight... [more]

My late night things I do

As always I am spending time with the company that I call music.yes it's true I do enjoy music. I guess I'll say my romantic fantasy can be described based on what I've read about,I'm not sure how to go about such a thing really.of the few times I have been intimate with a woman I was being shy and not sure about what they wanted me to do to them... [more]


This morning I woak up feeling like I was fucked a lot but I didn't have sex with anyone last night.
I had to go pee like I always do the first thing in the morning after waking up and god a lot of cum flowed into the bowl, now I know someone had sex with me while I slept.
My husband is on a road trip for work and there is no one else here... [more]

Neighbor boy

The neighbor kid was over the other day playing video games with my little brother. They are both 12 I am 15. I was changing my clothes in my room and I saw the boy peeking in at me not sure how long he was there or what he saw but I was all naked for a little while trying to find some panties to wear. I was kind of shocked when I noticed him and... [more]

Touched my hairstylist (female) today, finally!

I've been going to this hairstylist every month for about a year now, and my hands are always on the arm rests. As time went on, I noticed she started putting the chair up to a height where my hand could easily fit right in between her legs, and she'd regularly "bump into" my hands throughout my haircut. Today, finally after all this time, I had... [more]

Anal sex

I like to know if any women out there like anal sec and if so why?

Revealing swimwear?

Why is it so frowned on for men to wear revealing swimwear? I know that the female body is a thing of beauty and the male body is not (and believe me I truly appreciate the view that the ladies give us men when they wear skimpy bikinis), but why is it that I have to wear baggy shorts? I do wear speedo briefs sometimes at the pool, but I wish it... [more]


I’ve watched a ton of porn as have most men, and 99% end with the guy blowing his load on the pretty girls face. I’ve jerked off hundreds of times watching a huge cum blast splatter all over a girls lips, mouth, eyes and hair and loved it every time. Naturally I’ve always wanted to experience covering a woman’s face with my own sticky load. I had... [more]

I love rapeing women

I don't know why, but I really love rapeing women. I'm a decent looking man and have never had any problem picking up women and getting all the sex I want. As a matter of fact, I have been happily married most if my adult life. It's not so much about the sex as it is the act of forcing a woman to do what she doesn't want to do, but the sex is... [more]

Dirty talk

Women I love when my woman talks dirty to me during sex. I love when she tells me to fuck her hard. Or she plays and tells me how she got fuck by the repairman while I was at work. Or she tells me u want me to suck your friend's cock while u fuck my ass. Or she tells me two guys picked her up when she was out and got fucked by them. It drives me... [more]

No panting

I think it's hot when women go out wearing short skirts with no panties. Are there any women do this and does it make u feel sexy?

Question for dads

Do other fathers with daughters have fantasies about them ever? Or masturbate thinking about them?

Can't help myself

I'm not gay, but I cop an erection every time I see or hear President Trump speak. He is just the greatest president this great country has ever seen, and I literally can't help but rub one out every time I even think of the great things he's doing for our nation.

I want the world to know this

I thought a long time about if I was going to post this or not. Months. Every time I thought about really sitting down and actually typing this out, I would get so nervous. But every time I would think about someone reading this and knowing that this really going on somewhere would get me really wet.
Maybe no one will read this. It's in a... [more]

Lost my butt cherry

So, after smoking a couple of bowls of some killer bud and drinking a few beers with my girlfriend the other night, we were both feeling pretty horny. We went to bed and started off with the usual oral sex on each other. While she was sucking my cock and balls, she let her tongue stray a little south and started rimming my ass, which we had never... [more]

Im really starting think this is a bogus web page ....

I really starting to think this i a bogus web page !

My first g string

I bought my first of many g strings when I was living in LA. One of the girls I worked with suggested that I check out Venise Beach, so on one of my days off, I went down there.
The place was very crowded with not a place to park, so I drove across Venice to park in a large parking lot by the beach. From there, I walked up along a crowded... [more]


My girlfriend has D-cup boobs. She doesn't think they're very big, though. I have to confess that I enjoy them. She's very concerned with her looks and often has me help her with different "tests" to measure herself. For example, she's had me help her measure how long her tits are (5 inches), how big around they are (16 inches), how long across... [more]

Is it ok for house guests to have sex and leave dirty sheets?

I had a friend and his girlfriend stay recently, and when they left and I changed the sheets there was lots of cum stains, and crunchy patches, kinda gross, but I was also intregued, this was the scene of some pretty hot sex it seemed.
So is it ok? Does an invite to stay the night cover the right to release your juices all over the hosts ... [more]

Do all women under 30 shave their pussy

Listening in to the girls in the office it seems that they all shave or wax. Almost all pictures I see of women they are shaved. What is wrong with some hair between their legs am I stuck in the 80s

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