Other Confessions

First stall-job

For the first time I had my first bathroom stall handjob and the guy in the next stall slid his cock under the stall, heres where it gets hot he had the biggest cock ive ever seen for a white guy and for a fact im also caucasian anyway his cock had to have been 10-11 inches hard so i went into his stall and gave'em the proper handjob i made him... [more]

Discovered I like wearing thongs

I’m an athletic and in shape straight guy, and recently on a whim I bought some thong underwear (to be clear I mean man thongs, not panties). I’m finding that I actually really like them. They’re light and comfortable and feel almost like going commando but with the support necessary for my package. Ladies, what would you think if your man started... [more]

My late night things I do

As always I am spending time with the company that I call music.yes it's true I do enjoy music. I guess I'll say my romantic fantasy can be described based on what I've read about,I'm not sure how to go about such a thing really.of the few times I have been intimate with a woman I was being shy and not sure about what they wanted me to do to them... [more]


This morning I woak up feeling like I was fucked a lot but I didn't have sex with anyone last night.
I had to go pee like I always do the first thing in the morning after waking up and god a lot of cum flowed into the bowl, now I know someone had sex with me while I slept.
My husband is on a road trip for work and there is no one else here... [more]

Neighbor boy

The neighbor kid was over the other day playing video games with my little brother. They are both 12 I am 15. I was changing my clothes in my room and I saw the boy peeking in at me not sure how long he was there or what he saw but I was all naked for a little while trying to find some panties to wear. I was kind of shocked when I noticed him and... [more]

Revealing swimwear?

Why is it so frowned on for men to wear revealing swimwear? I know that the female body is a thing of beauty and the male body is not (and believe me I truly appreciate the view that the ladies give us men when they wear skimpy bikinis), but why is it that I have to wear baggy shorts? I do wear speedo briefs sometimes at the pool, but I wish it... [more]

I love rapeing women

I don't know why, but I really love rapeing women. I'm a decent looking man and have never had any problem picking up women and getting all the sex I want. As a matter of fact, I have been happily married most if my adult life. It's not so much about the sex as it is the act of forcing a woman to do what she doesn't want to do, but the sex is... [more]

Question for dads

Do other fathers with daughters have fantasies about them ever? Or masturbate thinking about them?

Lost my butt cherry

So, after smoking a couple of bowls of some killer bud and drinking a few beers with my girlfriend the other night, we were both feeling pretty horny. We went to bed and started off with the usual oral sex on each other. While she was sucking my cock and balls, she let her tongue stray a little south and started rimming my ass, which we had never... [more]

My first g string

I bought my first of many g strings when I was living in LA. One of the girls I worked with suggested that I check out Venise Beach, so on one of my days off, I went down there.
The place was very crowded with not a place to park, so I drove across Venice to park in a large parking lot by the beach. From there, I walked up along a crowded... [more]

Do all women under 30 shave their pussy

Listening in to the girls in the office it seems that they all shave or wax. Almost all pictures I see of women they are shaved. What is wrong with some hair between their legs am I stuck in the 80s

Want to suck dick? Don’t do it

I’m a married man but for as long as I can remember I’ve been curious and wanted to try giving a blowjob. I never acted on this fantasy...until about 6 months ago.
I found myself in a situation where no one would know me, i was away from my wife for a few days and i’d had a few drinks. Anyway that’s a different story but to cut to the chase I... [more]


Girls want kind of underwear do you wear under your work out clothes or wear on average?

Why don't people just visit a nudist resort?

All these confessions about getting excited about seeing someone naked. Wanting to show someone your dick ect. Just go visit a resort. You will see moms and dads with their sons and daughters. Lots of tits and ass. Lots of penis's and hey you will find it's actually a lot of fun being that open and free.

Does letting my gay friend suck me off make me gay?

I'm a totally straight guy but haven't been getting much later. I have a really close friend who is gay. I was friends with him since we were kids before I even knew he was gay. I've never been attracted to him or anything and I don't think he ever has been to me. Anyway last week I was at his place and he mentioned he would love to give me a... [more]


My girlfriend has D-cup boobs. She doesn't think they're very big, though. I have to confess that I enjoy them. She's very concerned with her looks and often has me help her with different "tests" to measure herself. For example, she's had me help her measure how long her tits are (5 inches), how big around they are (16 inches), how long across... [more]

STD from a chicken?

Does anyone know if a guy can catch an STD from fucking a chicken? 3 days ago, I was feeling really randy, and my little sister was on the rag, so I ventured down to the hen house and made love to one of my favorite hens. I didn't use a rubber because I know that a chicken can't get pregnated by a human, so after pumping her full of cum, I took a... [more]

Needing a spanking

My name is Amanda. 38 years old on November 20 I was hoping to find someone male or female on here who would be willing to give me a really good old fashioned barebottom over the knee spanking

Fun with housekeeper

My parents left to attend a wedding. I was all alone in the house as I had a test on Monday. My mom had asked our housekeeper samantha or as we call her sam to make lunch for me and to look after the house.
I need to tell you about Sam, She was around 32-33, short height with a good physique. I don’t know how many times I have jerked off... [more]

Bald below the eyebrows, who's in favour ?

Since i was a teenager i have been shaving down there, and got quite obsessed about being hairless. Having a bald kitty is high maintenance, shave too much get redness, shave not enough get stubble, so i booked in for laser hair removal. I only wanted to get my kitty done, but they did a full body package. It was expensive and I'm only 23, so i... [more]

Curious Thoughts

Since vinegar is used in commercially made and DIY douches as well as in baths for detoxifying the body tightening the vagina and other health & beauty uses; then why isn't vinegar classified a feminine product?


A girl named karianne wrote a confession here, I bin in contact w/ her since. I thought she was really a man just f ing around, I live in so cal and had a family trip up to wa state. I texted her and she actually met with me. She drove over2 hours to meet me in fact. After coffee we went to my room and fucked. She is a older but still hot. Can't... [more]

Gay truckers

I'm not gay, but a few months ago, I was unemployed and broke and needed money to pay the rent. A gay guy I know once told me that when he was broke and needed some fast cash, that he would go to truck stops and fuck gay truckers for money. So, I went down to the local truck stop on the interstate and went inside to the diner. I was dressed up as... [more]

I'm worried

I'm 12 and I gave my fist blowjob yesterday. I had already had sex, but the guy had a 'condom' on which meant that I couldn't get pregnant somehow when we had sex. But yesterday after I sucked his dick he came in my mouth, and I didn't know what to do so I swallowed it. I told my friends and they said I could get pregnant, is this true? Because I... [more]

If you had a pretty wife or GF would you expose her?

I do have a pretty wife. Way out of my league honestly. I took her to a nudist club, the one where they hold the Nudes A Poppin contest over the holiday weekend. While visiting there I kept her tits and ass on naked display for 3 days. I admit I was showing her off. Would your wife or GF allow you to expose her naked body for all to see?

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