Other Confessions

I post my wife's nude photos online

I enjoy posting my wife's nude photos online. She has no idea that I do it. It turns me on when people post responses to the photos. Some are just her boobs, but I have also posted videos of her masturbating with a large dildo, giving me a blow job, and her receiving anal sex. She would die if she knew. I wish she was more adventurous and would... [more]

Want to suck dick? Don’t do it

I’m a married man but for as long as I can remember I’ve been curious and wanted to try giving a blowjob. I never acted on this fantasy...until about 6 months ago.
I found myself in a situation where no one would know me, i was away from my wife for a few days and i’d had a few drinks. Anyway that’s a different story but to cut to the chase I... [more]

Lazer hair removal down there, Daddy's paying

I hate my pubic hair, when it was long enough to pluck out I did (12 ish) then I started shaving it and then waxing. When I turned 16 I found a beautician who would give me the full Hollywood wax. I'm 17 now and want Lazer hair removal. I want to be totally hairless down there forever with no ongoing cost or razor burn.
I live with my dad, and... [more]

Total Surprise Gift From Girlfriend

My relationship with my girlfriend is great but the sex activities was getting ho-hum. Judy could see that I was not my self. I was starting to lose interest in her small breasts. She told me she wished her tits was as big as her older cousin's. "Yeah," I said to her. Her cousin Barb has big double or triple D's. "You know Barb been asking me... [more]

Where to meet people into chatting about incest

I am new Here I am 21 a momma of 2 but when I was younger my brother who was 2 years younger than me would fuck me . I never thought anything of it but now I am an adult and I am trying to find like minded people into conversations about incest. Cant find any places. A lot of you seem really interesting.

First stall-job

For the first time I had my first bathroom stall handjob and the guy in the next stall slid his cock under the stall, heres where it gets hot he had the biggest cock ive ever seen for a white guy and for a fact im also caucasian anyway his cock had to have been 10-11 inches hard so i went into his stall and gave'em the proper handjob i made him... [more]

Discovered I like wearing thongs

I’m an athletic and in shape straight guy, and recently on a whim I bought some thong underwear (to be clear I mean man thongs, not panties). I’m finding that I actually really like them. They’re light and comfortable and feel almost like going commando but with the support necessary for my package. Ladies, what would you think if your man started... [more]

Straight People- What's the Gayest Thing You've Ever Done?

I'm female, 22, straight. My boyfriend admitted to me last night after sex that he once went to a gay bar and hooked up with a guy out of curiosity. They went to my boyfriend's house, my boyfriend gave him a bowjob, and then the two had sex for a while after. I'm assuming this is common so-
What's the gayest thing you've done as a straight... [more]


Wear a mask, don't wear a mask. Get vaccinated, don't get vaccinated. I don't give a shit, just don't tell me how to live MY LIFE.

Ever been propositioned unexpectedly?

Has anyone here ever been propositioned unexpectedly? You know, hit on or someone hinting they would like sex with you in a context that was surprising to you? Men and women, share your experiences.

Prostate massage

The other day my gf was sucking me and put her finger in my ass. She has done it before but this time she found my prostate. I came really good. I feel now I wanna get my prostate massaged every time in order to cum. She has used a dildo in my ass but her finger actually felt better. I heard of coming hands free and want to try it out.

Cock sucking to shoot cum

At 14 i got my first cock sucking by a gay man . i let him suck me every day afert school for several yrs. even 2 of his friends . some times on the week ends they would give me viagar .i would have huge cum loads several times all day long. stay hard 2 hrs at a time. the first 2 loads would shoot out 6 inches or more 5 to 6 times. they would suck... [more]

Share my wifes Boob Pics

I want someone to share my wifes tit pics all over the net ,anyone up for that?

Pizza dare

My wife and I were enjoying a road trip. I had to visit several towns for my job and took Jess with me to keep me company. We were staying at a Ramada Inn in a small town in Oklahoma. At night we would drink or take in the local sites. This particular town had very little to do.
We had a case of beer and were sitting on the deck enjoying... [more]

"Grower" or "Shower"?

My dick is 6.5" hard, pretty average. My question is how your dick works to get to its max. If it is cold, flaccid my dick is about 1". Looks tiny. If it is warm, it is maybe 3". It's very temperature sensitive. I'm a "grower" because it looks small but gets a lot bigger when aroused.
I know other guys who are just plain big flaccid, 5" or 6"... [more]

Victoria's Secret

VS must be trying to kill off the company. First they started using fat women as models, then they jacked the prices up on all the items, and now they have brought in Megan Rapinoe (the dyke feminist who hates men) to finish killing the company. Who the fuck do they think are their major customers?? It's mostly men buying shit for their women. My... [more]

Im curious

Is ther any other men on here that like looking at other mens cocks ?

I have held it in all these years

This i difficult for me , and yes it is true . when i was seventeen i was raped by a couple of Black men , they held me in this home for over 24 hours , i was afraid , and only being seventeen i was no big kid , they had me do all sort of sexual things to them and to myself . yes i was fucked , yes i swallowed their cum . it hurt like hell! , i... [more]

I love fat women.

Never thought I'd hear myself say it, but I love fat women. When I was a younger man, I never even considered fucking a fat woman. I always thought they were disgusting, unhealthy, and don"t think I could even get it up for a fatty. Now, 40 years later, I have a two hundred fifty pound wife, who makes me cum like a fire hydrant. When we married 30... [more]

Dog fucking

Love to get my wife drunk and let are dog have her when I had sex with my wife I would set more pervy each time then one night I said I was going to get the old man up the road to bring his dog round and get it to fuck her and that got me a bigger hard on then one night I said I was going to get him and his dog round and let them both fuck her and... [more]

What do YOU think?!!?

Does anybody here really believe Trump won the 2020 election AND he will be back living in the white House by the end of this year?

Bi not sure

So I been with my wife over 25 years sex was also great . 20 years ago spiced it up got into toys for both of us then pegging. So we up graded the strap on many times girth length color you name it some bigger some smaller. She also became a real pro at it controlling but not to much . I get so horny seeing her standing there with this fake cock... [more]

Ladies: How many of you came back from black?

I was recently floored to learn that when she was in college and med school, my fiancée was strictly a BBC girl. She said that she was super focused on academics then and didn't have time for a serious relationship but had physical needs that needed to be seen to, so she had a series of different black "fuck studs" that she had casual sex with... [more]


This morning I woak up feeling like I was fucked a lot but I didn't have sex with anyone last night.
I had to go pee like I always do the first thing in the morning after waking up and god a lot of cum flowed into the bowl, now I know someone had sex with me while I slept.
My husband is on a road trip for work and there is no one else here... [more]

Revealing swimwear?

Why is it so frowned on for men to wear revealing swimwear? I know that the female body is a thing of beauty and the male body is not (and believe me I truly appreciate the view that the ladies give us men when they wear skimpy bikinis), but why is it that I have to wear baggy shorts? I do wear speedo briefs sometimes at the pool, but I wish it... [more]

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