Normalize hairy women!

I wish it was okay for women to be hairy too. Hairy pussy, hairy armpits, hairy legs, hairy arms... hairy all over! If a women wants to shave, that's fine too, but I wish society didn't shame women who have visibly hairy armpits or a snail trail/visible pubes around the bikini line.
People say it's unhygienic... false! a) it's okay for men, and b) normal people who take regular showers should not smell bad just because they have hairy pits.
Also it's more natural. The dominant preference for hairless women is just weird in my opinion. I hate the way I have to go into the "fetish" section on porn sites to find videos of natural women. Why is the natural state of an adult woman a "fetish"?!
I am lucky because my wife doesn't usually shave. It's her choice but she knows I like natural better. During foreplay and sex she raises her arms above her head so I can see her hairy pits... that always excites me a lot!

Feb 20

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    • See if you can locate pictures of Doris Dowd - the ultimate hairy goddess from the 90s. Her bush was gigantic but I loved how her slit was always prominent through the forest.

    • Couldn't find anything on google but that sounds very sexy

    • The wife is a real blonde. I have convinced her to grow a full bush and I love it. I have encouraged her to go natural all over. But she won’t do it. Says that’s gross. Whatever. Back in the winter she failed to shave her legs for a couple weeks. It turned me on big time. Idk why she won’t stay that way. I loved running my hands over them and you could hardly see it.

    • Nice! Maybe she'll come round. You can hope!

    • I am a normal hairy woman.

    • Yes! Rock on!

    • THE sexiest thing I ever saw was the night my tipsy wife, who agreed!!! to strip poker with my bud and I - rather than a game of "hearts", while she was wearing nothing but a short T-shirt and a little pair of bikini panties! She'd only ever let him see her in panties a couple of rare times - never more than her panties and nips bouncing under her nighties.
      She lost the FIRST hand, then she stood up, looked me in the eyes, smiled, and hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties and pulled them down, stepped out of them and tossed them across the room!
      This was the first and only time another man has seen my wife's lovely auburn triangle standing proud below her flat little tum.
      We both sat there spell-bound by her beautiful and sexy display - which she fluffed-up with her fingers for us.
      (honestly - keep your baby-shaved crotches...a 70's Penthouse nude is MUCH sexier!)

    • Nice. That sounds sexy as heck! And agree on the preference for 70s style nudes!

    • Hairy is the best! Is your wife’s asshole hairy too? Nothing better than a full thick bush

    • Yes hairy asshole too with nice full bush! She sometimes shaves her pits but she NEVER shaves her bush!

    • Never ever let her go. Savor that awesome crotch of hers every chance you get

    • My wife shaves her pussy but not her armpits. I love it. I like a bald pussy but dig the hairy armpits.

    • Unusual preference (why not hairy all over?) but if it works for the two of you then rock on!

    • No fucking way.

    • Explain. You like hairless women? Fine, but pretty sure YOU are the one with a fetish!

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