Dream woman?

I met the woman who would be my wife about 10 years ago. She was 34 and I was 27. She had been divorced for several years. At that point she hadn't told me much about why but didn't bother me. She had gotten married early and got pregnant and had been divorced for about 9 years.

We met online. I liked her profile and I said something crazy to get her attention. We started talking. I asked her to describe her appearance as pics only show so much and could be old. She told me she was thick but not necessarily fat. Told me she had 36DD breasts. Enhanced but no implants. She didn't want saggy tits. She asked if I wanted to know more and I told her I wanted to know anything she wanted to tell me. She warned me she could tell me things that may run me off. I told her to tell me because if we met, I'd find out eventually.

She told me she doesn't shave her pussy or her armpits. I asked if she meant just during the winter. She said, "Nope. Not at all." I said, "So do you wear shirts that cover it up?" She said, "Nope. Tank tops and stuff like that in the summer. If someone doesn't like it, fuck them." I said, "I like a woman that is natural. Too many women shave their body bald."

She said, "I've also been a lesbian for about the past 9 years." I said, "So why talk to a man here?" She said, "Honestly? Well, I still love pussy but miss dick. I haven't been bent over and fucked really good in almost a decade." I said, "That why you're divorced?" She said, "Yeah. My ex caught me sleeping with my gf. He didn't like it." I said, "Oh I wouldn't mind. Hell I'd want to join." She said, "I'd let you join me and another man but not when I'm with a woman."

Everything about her turned me on. She wasn't like any woman I've ever known. She wanted sex like 3-4 times a week. She flirts with everyone. She doesn't wear panties. She isn't afraid to show her body off.

Most women are prudish. My wife isn't. We have a nice house with a pool and we entertain often. She doesn't wear anything when she's at home. Company or not. Doesn't matter. One of my buddies leaned over to me and said, "Dude you are a lucky man. Your wife is hot." My wife heard and said, "You ought to come over here and give me a ride." He looked at me puzzled. She said, "Don't look at him. You think I'm hot, right? Come over here and fuck me then."

I must be the only guy turned on at their wife being a total slut.


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  • No, I love a good slut

  • I wouldn't have married my wife if i didn't think she a slut and a whore i knew it the first night i met her

  • No, shes not a dream woman. A dream woman would let you join in when she's with another woman.

  • You are not alone.

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