Our kink and the neighbor

My wife and I have been married 15 years. She keeps herself in excellent shape. She's 5'4" and about 110 lbs. Small c-cup breasts, big, firm booty, muscular thighs. Large galaxy style tattoo that starts a bit below her armpit on her left side and goes down her butt cheek and ends on the back of her thigh. Nipples pierced, belly button pierced and her clithood pierced.

Every year starting from October and ending around the end of March, she stops shaving her pussy and armpits. She does it because she knows I like it and it gives her a reason to be lazy about it.

She's also (technically speaking) cheated on me with 2 other men. The two men she slept with a few times. Well, one was short lived. Only a few weeks. The other is my supervisor at work. At first it was to help me get a promotion. Then she continued it on a limited basis for several years just because he was good in bed.

This year it warmed up early. I expected her to shave it off as she usually does. Instead she said, "I don't think I'm gonna shave." I said, "You gonna wait a little while longer?" She said, "No. Think I'm just gonna keep everything like this for now." I said, "What about tank tops and bikinis?" She said, "What about them? I'm gonna wear them. If someone doesn't like my pits, they don't have to look. I feel sexier going natural."

So she was laying out on the deck in the back yard. She lays out completely naked. We have a 6 ft privacy fence. Our neighbor, Jack, walked into the back yard from our gate. He said, "Hey neighbor, I have the smoker going if you wanna throw..." He stopped mid sentence when he saw my wife naked. He said, "Oh shit! Sorry! I thought mike was back here. Didn't know you weren't decent." He turned away and started to walk back.

She said, "It's ok. You can look. Mike won't mind and I'm not shy." He said, "You sure? I don't want anyone mad." She said, "I promise it's ok. You like what you see?" He said, "You don't see women with a full bush anymore. Definitely don't see women with hairy armpits." She said, "Mike digs it. Do you?" He said, "Yeah. I kinda do actually."

She was standing next to him now. She reached down and felt his cock and he was hard." He said, "Tiff, I really don't think we should. What if Mike comes out and sees?" She said, "He's seen me with another man before. Mike is good in bed but sometimes I need it and he doesn't. Plus a girl needs variety.

She unbuttoned his shorts then unzipped him. She dropped to her knees and started sucking his dick. She had been at it a few minutes when I walked outside with some chicken. He said, "Dude. I can explain. She..." I finished his sentence with, "Is sucking your dick. She's damn good at it, isn't she? She's got the best pussy you'll ever get and if she's in a mood there isnt any stopping her."

She stopped sucking his dick long enough to say, "Hey honey, I'm gonna go over to jacks house." I said, "Don't be too long." She said, "Half hour. 45 minutes tops. You want a creampie when I get back?" I said, "I'd love some."

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    • I asked Linda out 50x. We hung out in the same group. We got along well but she said no, you have a girlfriend. One night she need a ride home and I was only too happy to drive her. She invited me in when wowed the amazing 200 years old mansion she lived in. Her apartment was the former servants quarters. After some coffee I toured her pussy. Something just clicked. We fucked 3x and in the morning she made me and omelet and gave me a blowjob. But she still won't go out with me. 40 years pass and we meet by chance at Starbucks. She asked if I married the GF, I say no, we split. She goes aw shucks -- I should have said yes. All my girlfriends married guys who were cheating on a GF. I was just too dumb to know the ways. I say but we had that night. and she says that's a million x better than not having it. Fucking Linda.

    • Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com send me pictures of your sexy wife

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