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Wife had a friend over last night. They are sharing a bottle of wine and watching some show on Netflix. I'm in the other room playing a game. I hear them talking. Her friend Sarah says, "Jeez, I'm dreading spring. Means I'll have to do a better job of shaving my legs." My wife says, "Well, I don't shave anymore." Sarah said, "Your legs?" Wife said, "Well I don't shave that at all in the winter but I have blonde leg hair and it's not very thick. Can't really see it anyway. No, referring to everything else." Sarah said, "You don't shave your pussy?" Wife said, "Nope. Armpits either." Sarah said, "What does Jake think?" Wife said, "It was his idea. He said he wanted me to give it a try. I said ok. I like it better." Sarah said, "You gotta let me see. How long has it been?" Wife said, "A bit over 2 years."

I peak around the corner. Wife had on a silk pajama set. Top was like a shirt. She unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it on the couch. She then dropped her bottoms. Sarah reached out and ran her fingers through my wife's bush. She said, "Wow. That's sexy as hell. I love it. Never knew you were a 2 tone." My wife has natural blonde hair but her eyebrows, armpits and pubes are dark blonde verging on brunette. Sarah said, "What about sex? Jake still eating your pussy?" Wife said, "Are you kidding me? He eats me out damn near ever night." Sarah said, "Then you must taste good. I think I need to find out for myself." Wife said, "Better wait till Jake goes to sleep unless you want a threesome tonight."

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