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ED Treatments Men or Women Technicians?

I intend to answer the call of radio commercials advertising Shockwave Therapy for ED. It is necessary of course for technicians to handle the penis. One company clarified that they only have male technicians in order to make their patients feel more at ease.
Sexuality aside I would be more comfortable with women I think. I think a woman... [more]

Husband Happy Ending

My husband often gets massages. He often gets hard ons during a massage. Occasionally when the massage therapist notices she will jack his cock off. When he comes home and tells me my pussy automatically gets wet. I love it when he goes back to same person because I know another woman is going to rub and play with his cock. When i notice the time... [more]

Trade wife pics

Anyone want to trade pics of there big tit wife

Want to trade unaware wife pics with another guy.

I’m looking to trade pics of my unaware 25yo wife with another guy of his wife. Add my Snapchat at Jharp556 and send a sample pic. Yes I’m talking nudes

Wife pays off bet

My lovely wife and I were on vacation and were having a great time. She (Kacey) wanted to go to a museum that had little interest to me but I went along with a good attitude to insure that she was having a good time. After the museum she told me she would do one dare that night. The dare would be of my choosing. I told her "show a complete... [more]

Men and women equal?

Butt sex.... why can’t women just bend over and take it like a man? Men don’t whine and cry when getting butt fucked. Are we equal or not?


Im a 51 yo male and I love wearing panties

My Ride is Here

I've finally decided that the point to all of this is, there's no point. Between the kids, the spammers, the trolls, and hateful assholes, it's not worth the clicks it takes to get here. Fare thee well !


I'm a crossdresser, wife don't know. I am seeing a therapist and she thought it was ok that I dress up. I've been doing this for many years. I am planning on telling her next year.i feel so so much better now.

Farm Fetish

Recently I have been watching more farm sex. With other than human. I get so fucking hard watching and fantasizing about it. Would love to try. But I know it's bad. Stallions are so fucking huge! Wanna feel it in my hands. Taste it too. Dang, hard again. Lol

Pizza dare

My wife and I were enjoying a road trip. I had to visit several towns for my job and took Jess with me to keep me company. We were staying at a Ramada Inn in a small town in Oklahoma. At night we would drink or take in the local sites. This particular town had very little to do.
We had a case of beer and were sitting on the deck enjoying... [more]

Really Weird But Grateful Of Wife

It happened when married to my first wife. Wife had big saggy tits and a hairy dark snatch. She wouldn't let me eat her or blow me so I kept giving her cream pies until it made her pregnant. My wife got the neighbor's teen girl to babysit the baby. She was a chubby girl. My boss sent me home early one day. I didn't send the babysitter home but... [more]

Motorbike passenger

Im a 46 year old divorced lady. I recently started a new job. I had been driving my car to work but found the commute was taking about an hour due to traffic. I ride a motorbike too so decided to start using the bike instead. The first morning i arrived into the office in my leathers i could see all the heads turning! One young guy in particular... [more]

Skinny dipping

My wife Katie and I took a vacation to go visit her sister and her husband. We had our kids and I didn't anticipate anything special. We played golf, went hiking and took in the sites. The kids were invited for a birthday party that included a movie, then games and lunch at the host's house. This gave us around four hours of adult time.
We... [more]

White slave

Im a white guy, 6ft, 255lb, chubby, very tiny pink clit. I call it a clit becuse its under 2inchs hard, soft i have nothing there. I do not get hard any more. I have started to take a pill that will make me stay soft, it will shrivel my clitty up and make my boobs grow. I have turned myself over to the BNWO as a slave sissy faggot for the black... [more]

Where to meet people into chatting about incest

I am new Here I am 21 a momma of 2 but when I was younger my brother who was 2 years younger than me would fuck me . I never thought anything of it but now I am an adult and I am trying to find like minded people into conversations about incest. Cant find any places. A lot of you seem really interesting.

You can tell those your wife has fucked before your marriage?

Or at least I can.
Two people who have been intimate ....always give it away in the way they act around each other afterwards.
After a guy has had his mouth in your wife's crotch - and her's in his crotch....they just can't but give off the signals.
My wife had a couple dozen lovers before our marriage - and I can always tell when one is... [more]

Should I or am I going to far?

I travel out of town for work sometimes.
Recently, I've hired this really cute girl to come by my place and check on the cat, feed the fish, water the plants . . . stuff like that when I'm out of town.
She doesn't know it but there are a few cameras in my place. They were installed for security, nothing creepy, but they are... [more]

Share my wifes Boob Pics

I want someone to share my wifes tit pics all over the net ,anyone up for that?

Titty Bars question

What is the most interesting thing you have witnessed or experienced in a titty bar? I frequent the lower end of titty bars in a smaller metropolis. If you’re a regular, tip well, and show them respect you can go far. Really, really far!

Gets the wife so wet

Dirty talk to my wife when we fuck and she gets so hot
I tell her that she should tease my two mates by giving them flashes of her bald pussy when she bending over to pick up empty drinks off the coffee table
I tell her they r very excited and ask if they can play with you. I agree
They started out by slowly taking ur dress off and... [more]

Ok, I finally had bi sex

I admitted to my wife that I have been fantasizing about sucking a cock. I also let her know that one of my friends at work admitted to me that he also has an interest in trying bi sex. She admitted after my confession that she thought it would be hot if I actually did it. After a couple of months of my co-worker and I talking, we agreed to meet... [more]

In need of cock

I want to suck another man’s cock really bad. If anyone lives in palm beach county Florida give me shout. Maybe we can get together for some fun.

Wife goes topless

My wife Angie and I have been married for ten years. She made reservations for us at a hotel in Mexico. I looked up reviews and realized the beach was topless optional. I was not completely sure she was aware but had hopes she would go topless. On the plain ride she told me she had a surprise for me. I pretended not to have a clue what she was... [more]

Turned into a cock loving sissy, totally feminized

I was 19 when I got married to a beautiful woman. Premarital sex was not happening.
My ex was not happy about my rather tiny size below the belt. She did not say anything yet. After we had been married for 1 1/2 years she found my box of girls things. I was a crossdresser and that 1 all. She decided that she would feminize me.
... [more]

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