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Can't stop picturing it

My wife Mel 34 five foot seven weight is 135 small d cup tapered waist wide hips thick but sexy legs beautiful face.
I came home unexpectedly no rugby that weekend.
The look of surprised shock and fear on her face I caught her on all fours our Burmese mountain dog Brutus he is a year and two months old. Mounted up behind her. The look on her... [more]


I really wish someone to turn me into a sissy cum slut

Mother In Law Gives A Hand And More

I never expected my wife to be willing and have an open mind in having her mother giving her help in our marriage. I threatened my wife with a divorce if our sex activities didn't get better. I wanted more dick action from someone who would please my dick and me better. Her mom comes over to the house often to spend time with her daughter. I... [more]

Do male dancers take viagra before they take the stage

Seriously, do nude male dancers take viagra before they go on stage to ensure a great view for the ladies?

How many loads

I’m going to take my wife to a adult theater this weekend and see how many cum loads she can hold in her pussy and asshole before she can’t hold them what’s the mousy you know of a woman holding in her

Hot homeless

Been seeing this young homeless chick lately at outside my local target . She got a smoking body ok face . Been wanting to ask her if she needs to get a room to shower and shit. Well you know were this is going should I ask her?

The sluttiest thing you ever did


My wife is a freak

Me and my wife are watching some beast zoophilia porn together it is hot on a way but kinda fucked up at the same time.
Either way I've got a chubby not a full hard on but close to it.
She noticed started playing with my dick.
She tells me she has always been curious about it being fucked by a dog. That she had a friend Brandy and they would... [more]

This site is absolute SLEAZE!

Y'all people are sick! I know 99.99% of the crap people are writing on this site is made up trash. If this is the kind of garbage you think about then you need some serious help, seriously.

He's just left my house

This year me and my husband have been trying an open relationship. Last night I slept with someone else for the first time.
When we chatted online I had told him that I let my husband fuck my ass on his birthday, so he said it was going to be his.
He got here yesterday evening and was really awkward but when I led him up to our bedroom and... [more]

Wife’s pics

Where can I post some sexy pictures of my wife on the internet? She doesn’t care if I post them and would love to have other men look at her sexy naughty pictures.

Ride my wife videos

I have all the videos I made of my wife getting fuck by guys with big dicks all guys a 8 plus inches and she does anal in some I want to know want them so they can jerk off and cum to her getting fucked she even makes personal videos and masturbates and calls out your name for you and talks dirty to o you

Anal Gape Fantasy 1

I don't know why I keep having these strange dreams and fantasies. I keep waking up in the middle of the night to orgasms.
Let me start from the beginning. I'm young, don't ask. I don't have a boyfriend... well, not really. I hate anal, tried it 3 times, anal cteampie 2 out of 3.
That being said, I don't know why I keep having these weird... [more]

Question re prostitution

Weird question, are there any prostitutes out there, of either gender, who are actually in the business because they just like sex and figured they might as well get paid for it? I give anonymous blowjobs in gloryholes and bathroom stalls a lot, nothing illegal about it because I've never charged for it; but a bunch of guys have slipped me a... [more]

Very interested

I've read several letters/stories and get very excited and end up pleasuring myself. Im reminded of an evening when I was still married. My wife and I talked about a 3some with a good friend of mine. He was admittedly gay but up for a sexy night. I bought a large amount of c###### because it made us all horny as hell!!! Well, the night started... [more]

Water delivery to horny gilf

Hi all
Last week i delivered water to a mature lady who had run out the night before
I got to Gayle around 6ish in the morning and started setting up my gear to fill her tank when she came out to see me
Gayle apologies for wearing a night gown and explained that she had only just woken up when I arrived
I told her it’s all ok with me what... [more]

Help me

A year ago, my wife quit having sex. Now I am beginning to have thoughts of an affair. I need sex as does any man. I am about 7 inches hard, and as big around as a quarter. I love sex in any manner. Missionary, oral, anal, you name it. I like a lady that is a little plump but not overly large. I do like to suck on long nipples, the longest... [more]

Bi not sure

So I been with my wife over 25 years sex was also great . 20 years ago spiced it up got into toys for both of us then pegging. So we up graded the strap on many times girth length color you name it some bigger some smaller. She also became a real pro at it controlling but not to much . I get so horny seeing her standing there with this fake cock... [more]


She is in her 60s, but she is still very attractive. I love watching her cook big meals. I love watching her drink wine and smoke cigarettes. Everything she does honestly turns me on

Bad Cum

My 43 year old wife has started fucking this very handsome 31 year old guy she said he’s a stallion in bed his dick is very big and he fucks her in her pussy and ass for hours some times all night only problem is she loves sucking dick and eating cum and his horrible its so bad she gags when he cums in her mouth she doesn’t want to make him mad so... [more]

I love being naked outside

I love being nude outside. Today, I went to a local wooded area that has multiple entrances. One of them has room for only two cars
I purchased a sandwich for lunch, and headed to the two car entrance. I parked my car and opened the rear hatch.
I stripped naked and sat in the open rear hatch.
I ate my lunch while I watched the cars drive by... [more]

Sexual With Step Brother

I'm basically a fat lesbian. My ebony lesbian friend is thick with breasts that is fun to hold and place in your mouth/ My parents went out town trusting me and my step-brother to take care of the house and behave with each other. My ebony friend brought over some pot to get high on. I asked my step-brother if wanted to get high also. "Why not? "... [more]

Sucking dick

If my fiancee said that I could have a threesome with her and another girl if she watched me suck a dick, I would suck a man's dick.

Wife helps hubby

My wife started to play with my titys -feel them - suck my nipples and it felt very good we both loved it. she got wet and i got hard and horny. after a month of this she wanted to see if she could milk my nipples and i started to milk.she loved the taste after a few days she told her girl friend and she ask me if her and her friend could play... [more]

Aunt Mandy's Horrible Farts

Last summer I went on vacation with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. They aren't really related to me, but we're close like family.
Anyway, one night we were driving to the suite. My Uncle Jake was driving and Aunt Mandy was in the passengers seat. Aunt Mandy was wearing a tank top over her bathing suit top, but still had her bottoms on. She is... [more]

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