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Just left school and working prior Pandemic, I was working shifts in a computer operations area in an insurance company. I was home from an early shift to a quiet house, washing on the line and dads car was in the drive and the TV was on.
I went upstairs to my bedroom and had to walk past my parents bedroom, I could hear muffled voices and a... [more]

Dress like slut dare

I finally did it. I have been afraid to wear sexy dress on public place. Last night, I was wearing a black Halter Open Back Side Slit Party Dress (open back till my waist, halter front barely cover my breast, need to use tapes, both side slits almost to my waist), black sheer toes to waist pantyhose, and a 5” black platform heels. I parked my... [more]

Teasing wife for cable guy

I love the thought of the wife being wanted and seen by another man. We had an appointment for the cable guy to come over in the morning between 8- 12. Of course they are always late so we were not worried about getting up super earlier to be ready for him. Well of course he was there first thing. I answered the door and told him to come in and... [more]


I was with a friend of mine. I know he thought I was bi. Same with him. We were talking. I said to him I bought some new clothes. Asked if he wanted to see. Yap he said. So I want in changed into, panties, bra, slip, stockings, dress, wig n journey. O and high heels. Walked out to him. He goes. Holy shit I like.lol we made out n... [more]

My Mother-in-law just fantasized....

My widowed mother in law stay with us since last couple of months. When my wife is on tour, I have usually noticed that my mother in law come to my bedroom and touch and massage my genitals so long that I don't cum out; and then apparently let me just stripped throughout the night.
One night, as usual when my wife was on tour, my mother in law... [more]

Jack off anywhere, to anyone @ anytime

I’m married and 33. I like to rub my dick and jack off in public places. It’s the trill of being watched. Last night I was so hard and horny from wife teasing me. We went swimming at the pool at our apartment. I was groping her and rubbing her pussy. She felt I was so hard. There were four females there that was very beautiful that made my cock... [more]

Crossdresser in need of advice

We'll first off I am a crossdresser. And I have been having sex with one of my neighbors off and on for the past year and he is about 5 years younger than me but he has a 11inck cock that is thick also and makes me have multiple orgasms well here is my question for you all today I went and had sex with him and it was different but very very... [more]

Sissy crossdresser

Hi everyone my name Cassie Harsh from Lakeland FL. I love being a sissy and going out and have men tell I am beautiful and sexy love being in the grocery store and have men watch me as I walk by them but the thing is when they ask me out love it well last Saturday I had a date with a 60 yo man we went to dinner and while we were waiting our he was... [more]

My Pakistani wife

I want to see my wife's pics all over the Internet. They are nudes and sexy glamour ones with face shown. I will send to you guys but only if you promise you will post everywhere you can

I Hate My Friends and Myself

I Just seem to have the worst Social Issues ever no matter who tries to be my friend I end up hating their guts in the end. Maybe it has to do with trust issues that I just refuse to let go of, bad choices I made in my life, bad crowds I hung around with, but the problem is my friends say they really care about me yet I really hate them because... [more]

Took Advantage Of His Politeness

I'm a single old mature lady that's greatly out of shape living alone. I like to get stimulated now and then, I use toys when I go on the internet. Some of the stories on this site stimulate me. Hopefully my story will stimulate someone.
I met this guy at a dance hall. He recently lost his job. His politeness attracted me. I had repairs... [more]

Interracial Going Ons

My ex husband brainwashed and talked me into a wife swap incident which I always regretted. It was a big mistake for me but it was fantasy come true for him. I had a dear friend named Becky. She was black and we socialized frequent. My ex husband desired to watch Becky's husband do me. He use to joke with me often. "Once you tried black you... [more]

Punishing my unruly 18yr step son

As a mother I was a strict discipline to my 18 year old step son living with me and my three teenage daughters be quite my perverted stepson putting cameras in our bedrooms and bathrooms watching

The Troll Is Dead

The same troll here, also does the same shit at an affiliate site; very similar to this one. It doesn't allow swearing and (***) most of the word, but you can easily figure what it is. Anyway, he said it could be his last post because he has Covid-19 and may die. He wishes the same to happen to everyone who posts what he doesn't like. You know who... [more]

Fucking my busty teacher Manjit

When I was 16 I wrote a note to Manjit my busty Punjabi teacher confessing my attraction to her. She sat me down after school and said she was surprised and flattered. We made small talk but all I could think about was squeezing her double D boobs. We would write notes to each other in class and she would sneak them in my book when she walked... [more]

Dog fucking

Love to get my wife drunk and let are dog have her when I had sex with my wife I would set more pervy each time then one night I said I was going to get the old man up the road to bring his dog round and get it to fuck her and that got me a bigger hard on then one night I said I was going to get him and his dog round and let them both fuck her and... [more]

A guy threw a bobcat that attacked his wife

A Bobcat enters a Dollar General in Kentucky without a mask and Is promptly thrown out.

I guess I Am A Peeping Tom

My wife and I got some new neighbors about a year ago. Nice couple, he is around 40, balding with glasses, his wife is a bit plain but one of those thick and round types, not fat, just big hips and big boobs.
I have chatted with them a few times, she often wears a soft top, and he boobs leave obvious bumps in the cloth.
I was looking one day... [more]


When ever a sexy woman sends me a photo of them nude i can't help but imaging my self fucking the woman and when ever i go to sleep with the photo of the nude woman fresh in my head i have dreams of my self ether breeding them or breaking there mind and i love it


So when ever a sexy girl sends me their nudes i can't help but imagine my self fucking them and when i go to sleep with the girl's nude still fresh in my head i have dreams about breeding them or breaking there mind and i love it.

To Spank or Not To Spank

I've been eyeing my friends ass for a while now, she has a very nice buttocks. I want spank it good. Like if I were to flick a pebble at it, it would jiggle like jello... But how do I tell her? Or find a way to do it? She is kinda of bad girl, but how do I use that?

Good dick sucking in the park

When i was a young teen i would go to the local park and didnt take long to be hit on by a guy i always let them suck my dick it had a life long impact on me i would as an adult sometimes suck a dick too my wife was understanding she to loved sucking a dick or a pussy never a problem for us

I played a game of Dare with a 13 year old Girl

I confess that I played a game of Dare with a 13 year old girl. But it was all right, because both of us are going to Hell already, I just sealed the deal between us.

She wanted to know if we wanted to play a game of Dare, so I said ok, I dared her to show me her Vagina, she said sure “ you wanna see inside or just my Vagina “ I said just her... [more]

Cock sucking to shoot cum

At 14 i got my first cock sucking by a gay man . i let him suck me every day afert school for several yrs. even 2 of his friends . some times on the week ends they would give me viagar .i would have huge cum loads several times all day long. stay hard 2 hrs at a time. the first 2 loads would shoot out 6 inches or more 5 to 6 times. they would suck... [more]


Would you like to see some amazing New Mexico Hispanic tits let me know

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