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I don't know why

My ex sells her used thongs on mercari as well as other clothing, I went out and got a PO box and a prepaid card and brought all her used thongs some croptops and some of her skirts, I don't know why but for some reason I just did, right now she just thinks I'm her number one customer from the next town over

My sexual awakening too

I read another post about sexual awakening on this site. That made me sit down and write about something that happened to me. Because it was huge and absolutely true.
Tennis was my game when I was twelve years old and my favorite tennis partner was Dennis. He lived a few houses down from me. One morning I went to Denny’s house to borrow his... [more]

Im 14 and ive had sex like 20 times with girls

I have pimples around my pee pee

Innocence I thought

Over the years I would say there is a kind of innocence to my wife she can be really quite naive at times , Many times I was there to witness different situations she was in . One such time I went with her to a client she would do care work for , I waited in the hallway for her while she done her thing . He was with his friend he didn't know I... [more]

Caught wearing panties

I've had a secret panty wearing fetish for my entire adult life. In every relationship I had (2 ex-wives and every girlfriend, especially when we lived together) I'd secretly wear some of their panties. I would only do this when I was by myself at home. I'd put on a pair of her sexy panties and prance around the house in them. I would always get... [more]

Missing photos

What I'm about to tell you is true , I used to be always taking photos of just about anything and that included my wife . This was the days when you would take your film to be developed , I used my local camera shop who would send the film away to be developed . Well one night after we had been out for a meal my wife was all dressed up and looking... [more]


When did you lose your virginity??

Bald below the eyebrows, who's in favour ?

Since i was a teenager i have been shaving down there, and got quite obsessed about being hairless. Having a bald kitty is high maintenance, shave too much get redness, shave not enough get stubble, so i booked in for laser hair removal. I only wanted to get my kitty done, but they did a full body package. It was expensive and I'm only 23, so i... [more]

Finally a site that is turning pedo's in

I have been on a certain large chat site for years. Pedo's stop in and start the stuff they always do. Yesterday when I logged on there was a big warning banner at the the top of the page the site would turn in all your information to the authorities. The site owner himself was logged in and posted he was sick of it and posted the 1st example of... [more]

Popeyes, Blockheads, and Mouth Cunts

On an out-of-town trip, I found a cinema in a strip mall in south Miami, in a bad neighborhood. The ticket girl was this shot-out blonde, gorgeous body and dead eyes. "It's a ' Hellraiser ' film festival, " she monotoned, as though I couldn't read the marquee. I shrugged, and mumbled "Okay". She looked at me blankly. " Lots of sex offenders in... [more]

Nasty GF turned me out

After my divorce I started dating a sexy gal who was very sexually active. After the second time we had sex she told me she would let me have sex any more. She said my tiny peepee could never satisfy her. I begged her to let me try again but she said I could only give her oral sex and I agreed to that. Then a couple nights later I went down on... [more]

Join me!

Is this the real life?

My spanking

I am 18 years old girl. I want to be spanked every evening by the older man 50+.

Men of the cloth

I have to say that I have been serving men of the cloth! I have been on a now gone site showing my wifes pussy and tits to them! They all loved her nude pics. I want to do more of it, but don't know where? The men used to send us pics of themselves masturbating to her pics. They ... [more]

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