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Should I with a Homeless person...

OK so a question rather than a confession, but who knows it may change :)
I travel quite a lot (UK), and regularly spend a night at a budget friendly roadside rest area (travelodge, premier inn etc), the room booked for me is usually a double or occasionally twin room.
My question is would it be wrong to offer a homeless female (or indeed a... [more]

Should I help a Homeless person by ...

OK so a question rather than a confession, but who knows it may change :)
I travel quite a lot (UK), and regularly spend a night at a budget friendly roadside rest area (travelodge, premier inn etc), the room booked for me is usually a double or occasionally twin room.
My question is would it be wrong to offer a homeless female (or indeed a... [more]

This site

When are this sites administrators going to block the morons who just post crap to be annoying? I think that the site admin needs to clean up this site.

I’m a man that needs to suck a big dick and take it in my ass

I’m a horny man that needs to have a cock to play with I really blobs sucking dicks the bigger the better!
I always loved to have a long thick duck up my ass balls deep ! I love getting my ass pounded fast and bhard ! I have a fetish for pain !
I love having my ass slammed HARD !
When he about to Cumm I make him pull out of my ass and shove... [more]

Be honest lady

If a guy walk up to you and if you would sell your panties. Would you?


Wear a mask, don't wear a mask. Get vaccinated, don't get vaccinated. I don't give a shit, just don't tell me how to live MY LIFE.


Over heard two blokes talking about my wife in the supermarket, wife was one side of the aisle I was the other side, one bloke said to his friend, check out the bitch over there, his friend said I would split that bitch in half with my cock.

Young Old Orgy

We, my sister and I, went to spend a fall weekend with grandma, her boyfriend and her good friend Linda out in a rented cabin in the mountains to see the changing leaves. Linda sat between me and my sister in the back seat of the car. I could see thru the opening in Linda's blouse that she has fantastic freckled wrinkled breasts. I had to keep my... [more]

All That Glitters Isn't a Good Hole

A few years ago at a skinny-dipping party I was enjoying the warm waters, sitting on the pool steps, watching women and men disrobe. A cute little redhead chubbette arrived and shucked hers off. The carpet matched the drapes, which thrilled me, but, I thought it odd as the other women of her age there were clean shaven. She was pale skinned, with... [more]


I have a friend who would not give me her panties and I asked her why she said that I should go buy my own and I said I really wanted her underwear and a one piece bathing suits and she could take pictures of me naked and masturbating in her underwear and I will get a bottle of nair and baby oil for her to rub it on my whole body to get all the... [more]

Jackie's Challenge

Jackie is a beautiful fit woman who has an extensive library of nude selfies and she did not hesitate to share them with me. I still have some. She would also love to walk around her apartment naked making sure the blinds were open so her male neighbors could see. After several conversations about her exhibitionist propensities I decided to test... [more]

I Like to start fights at Movie Theaters

I go to Movie Theaters and the moment everyone applauds during the Happy Ending I start punching the guy next to me for no reason and beat him up and then I hit the guy in front of me and he hits me back and we get into a fight in the theater.
I hate it when people applaud during Happy Endings and so I start punching people until they punch me... [more]


If a man was fuckin his ass with a 9 inch dildo are there any women who would like to see and maybe try to get him to let her do it for a while but not without getting her asshole eaten out for her to make it cum on it as she is going in and out of his asshole and then he has to lock it off and then he will bend over and let her pick out a new... [more]

67 and a Naughty Post Fan

Hi, I’m female, 67 and I love reading posts on this website. Yes at my age I get sexually excited reading some of the stories. Unfortunately I don’t have any stories to tell myself apart from, I do get wet between my legs when reading a good story, like to imagine myself in that person position! Goodbye

Men and their bits

Bizarre thing happened to me last Saturday, me and my boyfriend picked up a friend to go to a BBQ
We got to his house and he’s not ready, we sat in the car and 10 minutes had passed, my boyfriend said go see what’s taking him so long.
I pushed the bell and waited, then waited more, finally he opened the door, yep nearly ready he said.
He and I... [more]


Me and my dorm mate were talking and we sort of trailed of on what we where talking about and ended up talking about our downstairs adn she asks me when did you first grow pubes i said 12 she said 12 aswell so I would like to know when you girls first grew pubes

Birthday surprise

My wife Kay and I have a tradition on our birthdays that the other spouse has to honor the birthday mates wishes. On Kay's last birthday we went out of town and stayed at a hotel that had a crowded pool. She bought me a tiny thong Speedo and insisted that I act like it was completely normal. I was extremely embarrassed and promised to get revenge... [more]

One of my biggest fantasy came true

Well I was on one of my website and invited two black men and I was in the pool and when they got came through my gate ate side of house with mask on and grab me out of the pool and stated to force me to suck them and then rape me I got fuck so hard it hurt so bad and while they fuck they also were beating me and then to make more painful one held... [more]

Centerpiece for a Sad Circle

I had arranged to make a drug trade with Dee Dee. She was re-upping her oxy prescription, due to a knee injury, and wanted some of my Moroccan hash bud. My wife and I used them, occasionally, for recreational purposes. The agreement was 1/2 oz. of weed for twenty 10 mg oxys. All I had to do was drive Dee Dee to pick them up. No problem.
Dee... [more]

Sissy in heaven

Well I am a sissy crossdresser from Lakeland FL and I have found a website I love it's called Grindr and today I have sucked and swallowed so much cum I managed to find 10 cocks with in five miles of my he and sucked all 10 and swallowed all that yummy cum they ask me to be their regular cocksucker I said yes it was so much fun sucking their... [more]

Most people who read these post think they are bullshit.

But people don't understand that although some of these post maybe bullshit, many people actually do the shit these people write about.
My girlfriend and I used to do the kinkist shit for a long time. All we had to do was show others we weren't afraid to do whatever, and they went right along with us. We have had sex parties where we went home... [more]

How I Met My Wife

My wife is a few years older than me, but that didn't stop me from pursuing her the second I saw her. Matter a fact, she was also married at the time, but i didn't care. She was and is hot as fuck, and I wanted her bad.
My sister actually works with her, that's how I met her in the first place. So I would beg my sister to tell me and let me... [more]

Sex for rent question

My girlfriend and I just moved in together this last March. First time for either of us living on our own and I have to admit it is harder than we both thought. We are both 21 years old and we both have jobs. But we are still struggling to pay the rent each month. I read on here about how some women pay the rent by having sex with the landlord. So... [more]

Wife wants kids

When my tests came back showing me not fertile, my wife and I were devastated. They gave me a 5% chance, which explained 4 years of trying and nothing.
While we were OK financially, we were nowhere near enough well off to go to a clinic to use the artificial means, anyone that has done that knows, the costs are enormous.
There was quite a... [more]

Bi Sexual Grandmas

I knew both of my grandmas was really friendly to each other. They usually attend family activities and go camping with us. Grandma Joan, dad's mother, has large breasts which I envy. Mine's are small like grandma Lucy, mom's mother, which seems to run on her side of the family because mom barely has tits. At least mines are torpedo shape with... [more]

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