Such a tease

So my gf and I went to Florida a few weeks ago. Kind of a last bit of sun before winter. She loves to tease me. She’s thick but fit. Starting in September she stops shaving her pussy and armpits. She does it for me because she knows how much I love seeing her naked body hairy. So we get to the hotel and she puts on her bikini. She comes out and I look her up and down. I say, “Well, you look great but your loveliness is showing.” She looks down and says, “Oh this? Yeah I don’t mind.” She had about an inch of tuft of dark brown bush sticking out the top. Also bush peaking from the sides and the crack where your thigh meets your crotch.

So she’s in a pool chair laying out. She had one leg off each side of the chair. A lovely view of her winter coat showing. A guy was obviously looking from an opposing chair. She raises her sunglasses and says, “Like what you see?” He says, “Huh?” She said, “It’s ok. You’re looking. I don’t mind. You can look.” Then she unties the strings on both sides of her bikini bottoms and pulls the front down showing all her bush. His jaw dropped and he said, “You are gorgeous. And I love a natural woman. So hot.” She says, “We should get me some drinks. Play your cards right and you can ride me good when my bf is out.”

13 days ago

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    • So, what's a pimp's commission these days ?

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