Submissive housewife part 1

I'm a woman early 20s while my husband is in his late 20s. I have long blonde hair, height about 165 cm with 34D and relatively slim. We've been married for about 2 years now. I'm very submissive and obey my husband's orders and rules
The house rules are
At home I'm to be naked 24/7 and wear my collar (it's a pink dog collar with a pendant with my name on it). I do all household chores and laundry. I need his permission before going out.
The only clothes I'm allowed to wear outside is a tight mini dress matched with a pair of four inch high heels and no underwear. So my nipples always poke through my dress.

Every day my husband comes home for work, dinner is on the table and wait by the door step for him .While he eats on the table I'm under the table giving him oral. After he's done eating he would dump any leftovers in a dog bowl and I will eat it from the floor on my hands and knees using only my mouth like a dog. He would inspect the house to ensure its spotless. If he finds something dirty or very dusty I will be spanked on my breasts and ass.
If I don't complete laundry or iron his shirts smooth enough. I will be in the backyard with my hands tied above my head to a tree branch and clothespins on my nipples.

Every Saturday night my husband will invite his two best friends over to watch football. Before they come over I do my hair and put on makeup and perfume. I wear just a micro skirt with no underwear and high heels and my collar . As they watch I serve them drinks and kneel beside the couch awaiting orders. Sometimes my husband makes me wear a ball gag to make sure I keep quiet during the match.

If their team wins then I would take off my skirt and give his friends lap dances. If their team losses then I have to also take off my skirt and bend over the coffee table for them spank my ass then stand up and let them pinch my nipples and slap my breasts.

Sometimes my husband's friend also brings over his girlfriend. His girlfriend is about my age and height as well, a brunette with a killer figure and a very pretty face which would also be covered in makeup . He brings in his girlfriend on her all fours naked on a leash. And while she's there, if I'm not serving then my lips must be on hers. I'm straight as well as her, but we're expected to make out for their entertainment.

Same case, if their team wins, we must give them lap dances, if their team losses, we both get spanked. After the match his friends would leave that friend would lend his girlfriend to my husband for the night.

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  • Sounds a bit crazy but there are a lot of fetishes out there. My wife saw a picture of a woman vinyl wrapped with her arms and legs bent and a tail anus plug making her look like a cat. About a month later she brought out this stuff she ordered and asked me to make her look like a cat. It took about a half hour and she was walking around the living room on her knees and elbows and I was so turned on my cock was hard instantly. She also found an eye mask to wear that is cat like and puts whiskers on her face with make up. We have done this a few times now and she gets horny as hell doing it and lets me play with her for hours. I do not get it but hell if I am going to tell her to stop doing it.

  • I agree this is pure Bull Shit, maybe a little bit of interesting reading and some could probably have a wank over the thought of such submission but that's about it.

  • Now lets be honest here nothing like this happened it is a figment of your twisted imagination, if the truth were known your probably an old pedo that pulls himself off reading his own crap posts.

  • Truthfully do you like, love or enjoy being treated like this?
    What would you change if you could?

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