I can see you

My wife and I went away for a week and stayed in a nice little a frame cabin along a small river. The close's cabin to us was about a hundred yard's. The people we rented from were nice and it looked like for the most part there son maybe 20 was the one who took care of anything the renter's needed. He was nice and very helpful, even let us know about the best place to fish if we wanted to.
It was later in the fall time and a little cool during the day and colder at night. The young man would bring us firewood as often as needed. One night I was out just looking for some twigs to start the fire, Katie and I were going to sit by the fire, drink wine and maybe a movie. As I was outside, I look back at the cabin light's on and the curtains open, I could see Katie clear as daytime changing in the bedroom loft. I stood and watch to see her strip down to a nice little silk nightgown with nothing underneath. I went back in to have a great night with my wife.
I kept thinking of how easy it was to see her changing the hole next day. Later that day I say the young man and ask when he time if he could bring some more wood, He said sure if it was ok he would bring it about 7 30. I said great thanks.
Katie and I had a nice dinner out and got home early, about 7. I let her know soon I would go out and look for some more twig's for the fire. Katie said ok, she was going to put together a little desert, and change.
About 25 minute's later I went outside and I knew Katie was only minute's from going to the bedroom to change. I knew the path the young man would be taking so I went further out toward's the water, I thought I could still see her easily and see him walking over. I was very nervous, but hoping the timing would be perfect. Well, I was wrong, She changed and I ended up going in and not more than 5 minutes did we get firewood. It was a fun thought.
Two day's later, the young man got to see my wife walking around naked for a good ten minutes. The next day I was so happy to see the young man we went to the fishing spot just for a short bit, he was there himself fishing.
Katie had know idea that he know's just how nice her body is.
He asked if we would like some more wood, and I said yes, we like our evening fire's. He got to see Katie two more night's and at one point I went upstairs while she was changing and came up from behind her and held her close as she was fully naked, I turned her to the window and asked her if she noticed how nice the view was from the window? Katie said well, it's dark now, but she has looked out during the day when she was up there, and it is. I slid my hand up to her chest and slowly felt how nice her chest felt knowing that the young man could see. Katie turned to me and opened my pant's and just teased me with her mouth, as she stood up I bent her over and slid inside of her just for a moment. And then walked away. Katie has know idea what happened or how out she really is. but the young man does.

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  • My wife will change if front of windows just to tease me when we stay at hotel's and when we go for hike's will say it's too hot for a bra and take it off on the trail. She want's to get caught.

  • I love to expose my pretty wife as well.

  • Wish my husband would do that with me.

  • Which part, She has been great in many way's.

  • All of it.

  • Does he ever ask you to wear revealing tops out? Katie has been great about her outfits, if she want's she can wear something that you may not realize is all that revealing but if some guy is in the right place and she lean's forward or bend's over she will let him get a nice look. What thing's would you like to do?

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