Wife love's to tease me.

We like to go out, for dinner, or wander around some town's along the river. They have alot of shop's are not the norm.
My wife is well aware that she can get me aroused just by wearing something a bit revealing, and she loves to tease me to see if she can get me to have a hard on as we are wandering around.
It started with her wearing top's that I could see her bra, and as time went on, she would not wear a bra and wait till I realize. When I would get a view of her chest most often she planned it, then would look at me and say well do you like what you see?
The one thing was, it was not just me who got a look, and as she found that I had no problem with that, when she thought some guy got a look she would ask, if I thought he liked what he saw?
One night after getting home, and in bed, she asked if I had enjoyed when someone else was looking on her top? I said It was great. Then she asked if I ever saw anyone get hard after seeing her? I told her I was really looking at him look at her not his pant's.
Would you like them to get hard? That would be great to see. Then she asked if I would like her to see if they were hard like I see if you are hard?
That meant her rubbing their crouch, I told her if she did that and they were not hard they would be in seconds. Then she said well if they are hard what should I do then? When you get hard, I want your cock in my mouth as soon as possible. Do you want me to pull their cock out and suck on it, and if I am wearing something nice I don't want them to cum on my outfit, I think it would be best to swollow their cum don't you?
My wife knew she was driving me crazy just talking about it, That's makes good sence, and I think they would enjoy that.
As time's when we were out she would ask me if I noticed if someone was hard, I'd smile and say maybe you should check to make sure. Then she asked me if I notice that she had been wearing more dresses and skirt's. I told I had and liked it very much. She then told me that sometime's when we are out she get's very horny, and if she suck's on some guy's cock she might want to have a cock in her pussy just a quicky to relax her. Well I understand that,it's only fair.
I am thinking this is something my wife would really like to do if the person and place were right.

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  • She is enjoying life with you, Let the men see how nice she looks. Your sex life might get even better.

  • I think she is feeling you out, and having fun at the same time. She might want it if she really knew it was ok with you

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