Wife discovers hubby's little secret

I was seeing phone numbers in my husbands bill that I pay that I didn't recognize. With the assistance from a male co worker, we discovered most were numbers of men who advertise nude massage. He onced asked me if I would massage him wearing pantyhose. "You want me to wear pantyhose while I give you a massage" I said. He said no, I want to be wearing pantyhose. I told him never!! That just makes you less of a "real man".

When I confronted him with all my findings, he realized he couldn't hide anything, and confessed to me everything. He said after I denied him his massage request, he was reading ads on Craig's list. He couldn't help to notice the large number of male masseurs, and decided to call one. I proved and he agreed that he recieved approximately fifty nude male massages from various masseurs.

He admits to two things only, one is getting a massage by a guy with no clothes on, and second, he is wearing pantyhose, and nothing else he will admit, and won't answer any questions.

I was able to trick him to confessing that he sucked a masseur 's cock.

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  • Do you still have sex?

  • Other than him going outside the marriage, big fucking deal. "less of a man"? Fuck you. How basic and crappy of you to judge him in the first place. I hope he liked sucking that dick. I bet you don't really like sex that much. or maybe you cheat on him, who knows, but you are a drag

    Men like sex and have kinks that they are terrified to tell their wives about. for this very reason, and when you shut him down he got satisfied elsewhere.

    I wonder if you have any kinks you've kept from your husband. Instead, you could have been fucking each other

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