Finding the right photographer

When my wife and we started dating, she told me right off the bat, she liked the attention from other men. She said in no way has she ever cheated on a boyfriend. She was a good looking young woman who was in good shape.
Knowing this, I told myself don't fall in love with her, just enjoy the time with her.
It didn't matter what we went out to do she wanted to look good, and for I was lucky she enjoyed the outdoor's. The way she dressed was nice, nothing too sexy, she just looked really good, and liked to wear outfits that you could tell she had a nice body, and while, in her word's only having a b cup, still wanted to have guys notice her from head to toe.
She had the best bra's I had ever seen, and wore top's that would allow just enough to draw your attention.
While she liked guys to notice her, she never made me feel like I was not the most important one. It got to the point that I got used to all of this, and we were having fun together. And she really loved sex and was very good at it. She was happy to please me.
Whether we were outdoor's or indoor's.
Often when we took hike's or went canoeing, I would take picture's of the scenery, she loved having her picture taken, so she would often be in the picture's. At time's she would put some of the picture's on Facebook, she had many contact's on there. After posting she would look back and read the comments, I found that she liked most the comments on how she looked, some of which she would be in her bathing suit. Some of her friend's would have a comment, Like Dame you look hot. She loved that.
At one point we wanted to go away, we decided to go to Aruba. While at the beach one day, we saw a guy walking around going up to people and at time's taking a few picture's. At the time he was not anywhere near us, and she was ready to go in the water to cool off. on our way out of the water the guy was heading over to us, She looked great a nice tan and a simpy bikini.
He got to us just after we got out of the water. He said that he worked for a Phogaphy shop in town and gave us his card, He asked if we would like our picture taken, and the next day we could pick it up at the shop.
She looked at me with a smile and I said, I would like one of my wife and I and if you could also one of her alone. Sure, he took one of us with the jetty in the backround and then two of her as she was walking out of the water.
We went the next day to get the pictures, they came out great, and I really loved the one's of her alone. The guy said they came out great and asked if it was ok to use the one of her coming out of the water on their web site. That put a big smile on her face. before she could answer, I said I would love that, Even when I was home I could look them up and see your picture. She said ok. He said we have other places on the island with incredibale backdrops and if we were interested they could meet us and we could take some more. He told us of a place that was beautiful at sunset, and few other people around most often. We thought that sounded good. ked what kind of outfit would be best to wear? He said well it's still warm with a breeze, maybe something lite that will move in the breeze. A dress or blouse and skirt work the best.
After leaving she wanted to go into town to see if she might find something better then what she had brought with her. after some time she said have you noticed that a fair amount of woman aren't wearing bra's here and some semi shear outfit's? I told her I had, I said their on vacation and knowone know's them, so they can wear whatever they want.
She picked up a dress and a shirt and a skirt, both outfit's linen and shear enough to see through. Well I was happy. We had a nice dinner at went back to our room for her to change. She put on the dress and took the other outfit with her just in case she wanted to change.
As we left the hotel I could tell she felt good and was more then excited. That I could tell from her shear dress and hard nipples. We drove out to the area that was told to us by the photographer.
The same guy from the beach was already there and saw us as we got out of the car. Their was still enough light for him to she that her dress was shear, and as the wind blew would blow the linen so it gave a perfect outline of her body. He walked us over to an area that was a bit out of the way but ample light. He told her were to go as I was standing next to him, he said she look's great, the linen dresses are best to show of a figure and what it was like out at the time it was taken.
I told him she was not sure what to wear and had even brought another outfit. He said what kind of outfit and would she like to have pictures in that also, While we were talking he was taking pictures and she was enjoying the whole thing. I told him I think she would like to, he said if you have the time their is another area that has enough light even after dark that if we wanted to go would be great. I asked her if she would like to go to another place and she could wear the other outfit. Yes that would be fun.
We followed him over to a place that was about ten minutes away. It was more landscape with the hotel lights in the backroundand some spotted tree's that from the wind had a look of almost being blown away.
After we talked and he showed us how he would like to take the pictures, she said ok I'll go over and change by the Jeep. We had rented a open jeep for our time teir and he came by scooter. As she walked over he said that even that picture of her walking over would be nice with the wind blowing, I said then take it. We then turned away at one point I looked over thinking she would be just about ready, and saw her with just the skirt on, she was somewhat facing the other way, but her chest was visible, he also so then turned thinking that she was on her way over. He just said I don't think she is ready just yet. I smiled and said, no not just yet but that is a good picture. He said yea it is, do you want it? Sure if you can get it. he got it and only seconds went by before her top was on and she was on her way over.
When she came over she said well how do I look? We both said great. even with it being now darker you could see through her outfit. She walked over to the area he had shown her before and he started taking pictures, now with a two piease outfit it was hard to keep her top from blowing showing us a nice view of her stomach.
He asked her if she would hold up her arms and look up to the stars, as she did this her top blew up even more, Once she brought down her arms she said she was wondering if her top was going to blow away. With that he and I looked at each other and thought the same thing, We hoped it had. I smiled and said we could buy another one. she looked at me and said would you like to have some pictures taken with out the top. Before I said anything the guy said their is knowone out here, you could take off everything and knowone would know.
I looked at her and said when are we ever going to get another chance like this any time soon, Will you take off your outfit and let him take at least a few pictures of you, Please, Please.
She smiled and said you don't have to say please, I would love too. I looked at him and said are you good? He said I'm resdy when you are. By now she was standing next to us, and said well Lets get started and pulled her top off and slid down her skirt and panties. Dame that was the most excited I had been our hole trip. She said where would you like me to go and what would you like me to do. He told her he would like to try some by the jeep and asked if it was ok to help her pose. Yes please.
He told her were and how he wanted her to stand, he took a picture and walked over and turned her body just a bit. it was great now she was naked and he was helping her pose and she is letting him move her body to how he wants it. Her nipples were hard and areola was puffed up, you could tell she was excited with his hands on her.
after some more pictures, he said why don't you get in the picture, you will have a sexier look. I told him I would rather he be in the picture if thats ok with you Kate. She smiled and said sure. He looked at me and said I was thinking of some pictures that were more intimate. I look at her and said I would rather he be in the picture. She just said I'm ok with that, just pose me how youwant and do what you want.
I now have pictures of him holding my wife her chest in his hand, him standing behind her close with his hand on her upper thigh, and her sitting in the jeep legs open and him leaning over her


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  • Reading that made me cringe. Because your wife loves her self so much, it's such an unattractive quality to have.

  • Hear hear. Her vainess turned me off.

  • I' ll take picture's of her

  • I'm not sure what you said, but to see her like that around another guy was by far the most exciting thing we had done while we were out.

  • Are you sure ?
    Maybe your just having a pull about your fantasy EH ?

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