If I do, let me pick the place.

I love my wife, we got along great from the beginning. When we go out and look to buy something we have always talked about the price, if it's too much or if we really need it for the price.
When we either paid more than she wanted or we did not get it, sometime's she would be a little upset and we would talk about, I wish it was less money or we paid more than I felt comfortable paying. But what was done was done.
She has a beautiful face and is very fit, once in a while when she would go on about it, I would joke with her and say, well if you showed a little skin maybe you would have gotten it for a better price. She would laugh and say, I wish I had thought about that before.
Sometime's when we would be going out and she was unsure of the weather she would ask what to wear, I always knew she was just asking about the weather, But when I was feeling a bit on the horny side, I would tell her it was going to be warm and a little humid, and that was the truth,
but I would also say it would be a good day to wear a nice loose top without a bra. She would laugh and say, would you like that? Yes, I would, but it never really happens. After saying this for some time, she said I'll make a deal with you, if I wear something like that I get to pick the place. I said that's fair, but it can't be just a car ride or a place that has just women.
Know you'll get what you want, I would like to pick the place. Ok, do you have an idea where you want to go. Yes, I know just the place.
I was excited, I did not know where we were going, but she was going without a bra. She said we would be going to a liquor store that she and one of her friend's go to when she is out with her.
At the liquor store were two young men very helpful and good looking, I found that if I let her pick the place she would be happy to wear top's that would give a guy a nice view of her chest.
Do you think under the right circumstance's she would do more?

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  • Set her free, let us all get a look.

  • Yes, she would. If she is willing and want's to be able to pick the place. Then she too is enjoying the attention. Go to a college town, and find a nice pub, You both could have a lot of fun.

  • God... What a very boring story. Thanks

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