Brand new boyfriend

I'm a college student, who just turned 21. I got blonde hair, blue eyes, 34 double d breasts, and a curvy butt. I usually go to the gym few times a week since joining college. Im studying in web design. I go to college in new York, my bf lives in Ohio. And we rarely get to see each other. He is a nice white guy I started dating in 11th grade. We had sex often he is about 6 or 7 inches. Sex was always romantic and slow with him. We would keep in contact through phone, text and web chats.
Well as I got a year into college. No sex and tired of masterbating. And always horny. I figure try this tinder app, and be descret about it so my bf don't find it. Well i set it up. Browsed it a few days didn't find any interesting guys. In mean time started watching different kinds of porn. I started watching more interracial porn and masterbating to that.
With in days I became addicted to interracial porn. And watched when I woke up, in between classes, and before bed. I loved seeing the different skin do contrast and how dominate the black guy was. So I was like I need me a black guy for a hook up. So I got back on tinder, got a match for this cute black guy who was ghetto named omar . I hit him up. We started chatting. I'd would even cut my conversations short with my bf just to get back to talking to Omar. I never had a bf or a friend that was black I come from a strictly white town. This was new for me. Turns out he lives near the college but doesn't go to college. So after a week of talking I go over to his place. We chat for awhile. We end up connecting with a kiss. We start making out. Omar is absolutely good kisser. I start getting horny and remembering those videos I watched. We start taking clothes off. He stand up in front of me drops his boxers and I'm in shocked. Its like an 11 inch cock in front of me, very thick and vainey. I start sucking his cock. At this point I'm so wet. I suck him for a good ten mins before we lay on bed.he rolls on a condom cause I'm not on birth control. He gets on top of me and sticks it in me and starts pounding away.few mins We switch to me on top, and start grinding away we talk dirty to each other. I orgasm then he cums. We lay together, he takes off the condom and we kiss for awhile. Then I notice he is hard again says he wants to go another round. He says girl get in position for doggy, so I do this time with no condom. He sticks it in. Starts humping away, slaps my ass, starts pulling my hair.I'm loving this rough sex I never had. He starts choking me and putting fingers in my mouth while saying take this black dick. He starts going faster. Tells me he is going to cum soon. Keeps pounding away, asks me you want this cum. I say back yes. He says yeah where you want this cum? I say back any where you want as I'm moaning. He says I'm think I'm gonna nut inside your pussy. I say to Omar. Yes. He knows I ain't on birth control. He starts breathing heavy and says you know what that means. Mixed baby, you want a black baby? I'm moaning. He starts pulling my hair. Balls deep in me. Yes give it to me I say. He is humping faster and breathing heavy you want that black baby girl? I reply yes I want a black baby. He is humping away and says I'm gonna cum in that pussy right now. Tenses up and floods my pussy with tons of his cum.

Few days after that ,I decided to break up with my boyfriend and start dating Omar. And I got back on birth control.

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  • I'm married 23 years old and I have a 17 year old black lover that also has a good thick 10 inches and man does he ever please me.
    Three times now he's cum in my unprotected puss telling me he's gonna in pregnant me so I will marry him and god does he ever make me cum hard when he tells me that.

  • I to like you but I am only a senior in high school and this one Black has been flirting with me for nearly a month then he kissed me and as he did he grabbed hold of my ass and pulled me tight against him and he was hard. I couldn't believe how big he felt and he got to me he started rubbing himself harder against me and I began to reciperate.

  • Did you enjoy it? What else he do?

  • Skanky is as skanky does. The only thing worse than a slut is someone like you.

  • I was in your scenario once, but I was married at the time. I met someone (black) at the casino, got a room, condom at first, it was so so good, that we were both ready for another 10 rounds. So we proceed with no condom. Well needless to say I contracted HIV, and gave it to my husband, and another co-worker that I had an affair with

  • Well I hope your pleased with yourself, your just a slut, how many guys are fucking you now ?

  • So fricken hot! I dated a girl online a few yrs back, my first love, and I tell ya if she ever hooked up with a guy, I’d definitely want it to be a black guy. They are definitely more enjoyable to watch in porn too. I actually get so bored seeing this hot young girl getting fucked by a white guy with a big cock all slow like he doesn’t know how to use it. Then I seen this cute redhead Dolly Little getting fucked by a black guy and he’s just SLAMMING his huge dick into her at the end like it’s the last day he’s alive and he’s trying to tear up that pussy. I don’t mind dating a girl that gets dick on the side, as long as she tells me about it & doesn’t get pregnant.

  • Is it just me, or is something just not ringing genuine when a busty, shapely college girl can't con a guy into bedding her?

  • Because300 lbs is why.

  • Yup

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