Interesting cuck experience

I'm a white male who has a white girlfriend who is a bbw. I recently had a fantasy cuck recently filled. My favorite thing to read and watch is interracial stories I'm a huge fan of. Only porn I'll actually watch is black guy on white girl porn.
Well recently my girlfriend was hanging out with her friend who got a boyfriend. Which was a black man. So me and him hung out became friends.
Few days later checking out my girlfriend phone on messenger and seen she was talking to another friend about her friends black boyfriend. How cute he is. His abs and arms are stunning. So I always thought it be cool to sit in a room and watch a guy bang my girl.
So I confronted her bout the messages. And said I would love to see him fuck you. My girlfriend never was with a black guy.
Few days passed and we found out her friend and black guy broke up. So me and him began chilling and I proposed an idea by him. He was surprised and shocked by it. He also thought my girlfriend was cute. She got a huge ass and double d tits. So he said he be down for it.
We all hung out had some drinks. It was time to get down and dirty. I sat down. She came out the bathroom in lingerie and he is just standing there in his performance boxer briefs. They giggle at first then kiss which transition into making out. Clothes begin to come off. He took off her clothes first then she slowly slid his boxers down , out pops a huge black cock way bigger than my cock. He must been about 8 or 9 inches and very thick. She was hesitate at first but then started sucking him. He was loving it. I was loving seeing her suck on that black cock. Moved into fucking as they did several positions. Her on top, him on top. Them laying sideways fucking, reverse cowgirl, 69 action in there and also doggy style which is last position. She orgasm several times. He was very athletic which he had lot of stamina was constantly drilling her. He had her in doggy style full speed humping her which I'm loving it and there is this hot clapping sound of his balls hitting her clit. My fantasy is a creampie. So he is humping away and says I'm gonna cum. Then bam he blasted a load inside my girlfriend. It was an awesome night.

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  • Love bbws.

  • Fat white chicks. Gross

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  • Sorry dude I can't get past doing fatties

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  • Good story

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