Wife’s dream

I’m 49 and my wife is 45 she’s smoking hot at 5,7 118 lbs and a killer body. She’s always been reserved and not very adventurous when it comes to sex, which is why it surprised me the other morning when she woke me up and said she dreamt that I made her have sex with a guy. I reached down and she was soaked, I encouraged her and said it was crazy hot and normal. We had crazy sex, a few days later I was rubbing her ass and said her dream was hot, she pretended she didn’t remember and said you want me to fuck a guy I will almost mad, I said yes but with me, had crazy sex again. Question is you think she’s into it? What do I do next ?

30 days ago

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    • In a traffic jam last night my hot wife Ainsley took her top off to 'fuck with truckers.' And it feels good on hot nights. I get that part.
      A mile later still crawling "I'm so fucking bored, want a blowjob?"
      I put that auto cruse thing on where it follows the car in front of you, and she sucked away. I came in her mouth, even though she told me not to. She always says she's on her "blowjob learners permit, so don't cum in my mouth." Even though she sucks like a payday whore, and knows I cum in her mouth every time.

    • The auto cruse thing!
      Cruse= An earthenware pot or jar.
      Can't even spell but can afford a self driving car! How much more bull shit can you think of asshole!

    • Oh she remembers, she just doesn’t want to admit how much she enjoyed it!

    • For 26 years my wife refused to fuck another man in front of me, eventhough I told her it was my fantasy. Then one night well into our 40's now, and on vacation, we got drunk and horny. This guy was hitting on my wife and kept encouraging her to flirt back. She was drunk and horny, and went along with it. I asked her of she wanted to bring him back to our room, and surprisingly she said yes. We no more than got in the door and those two were naked and my wife was sucking his dick. Then she got on the bed and started sucking my dick while this stranger got behind her and started fucking her. He and I both fucking my wife until she fell asleep, then he left. The next morning my wife said she vaguely remembers flirting with some guy from the bar, but doesn't remember how she got back to our room. I asked her if she remembers fucking the other guy, but she thinks I made it all up. She admitted to feeling well used, but she thinks it was just me that fucked that night.

    • Tell her it's ok with you and ask her who she wants

    • Let her do it

    • She wants to be a cum queen, like my friend in two weeks she is taking on two guys

    • You would have to ask her.

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