I love licking

I really love licking my dogs pussy. She is a three year old Shepheard/collie mix and has a very large pussy. She lays back and spreads her legs for me, I know she loves it because her doggy pussy gets dripping wet and tastes soooo good. She has wicked orgasms that make her moan and her whole body quivers. When I finish eating her out, I am so turned on that I only last a couple of minutes when I stick my cock in her hot tight cunt. Damn I love my dog. I think I might be transspeciesed, I would marry my dog if I could.

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  • Your dog is lucky and so are you!

  • Video it and tell me how to see it , because I find it hard to believe

  • I posted one on bitchfuck.com a couple of months ago. I'm the one with the mask on my face and a realy large pecker, not sure if it's still on there, that site goes up and down like my bitch on my pecker.

  • Officially the nastiest thing I have ever read on this site, and that's saying a lot. Congrats!

  • Thank you. One man's nasty is another man's fun, and I do have lots of fun.

  • 😂😂😂 👏👏👏👏

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