If my wife knew that would be it, never again

Some how over the last 9 months our four kids have returned home, two on a temporary basis and the other two who knows!
It’s been nice having them back home but now it’s affecting having sex with my wife.
My wife is very noisy when having sex and she won’t have sex unless the kids are out, for all four to be out doesn’t seem to happen, if it does we can’t just jump into action in case one returns home.
One Saturday morning watching some TV with my wife one by one the kids hung there heads round the door and said, going out back later.
All of a sudden no kids and it’s quiet, I looked at my wife and said, fancy trying, she was, what if one has forgotten something and comes back, it will be fine I said, come on we can try a quick one here that way if one does return we will hear the car.
Things got going between us and now I’m in full swing, I have one of her legs up and I’m going for it as deep as I can, she is screaming the house down, I was on a roll pumping her deep, I lifted her other leg up and as I did that I noticed someone at the window, that someone was out postman who we are friendly with, he left immediately when he knew I had seen him, luckily my wife didn’t know any of this, she was below the back of the sofa, the sofa points away from the window.

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    • My wife and I were staying at her mothers place for a few days. Wife didn't like the idea of sex at night because she said that her mother would hear (I thought that it was a turn on!). One morning, her mother went out early and we weren't expecting her back for an hour so we got to it. Shortly after, I was doing her doggy style and she had her head down and to one side away from the bedroom door which was to our right. The door pushed half open and there was her mother who got the full view of my cock pumping her daughter. It was just a few seconds then she backed out and quietly closed the door, I didn't even stop pumping. Wife was completely unaware and around 30 seconds later I came. Her mother later said to me that she was sorry for the interruption and smiled as she said it. That was it!

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