Sleeping beauty

My wife took sleeping pills after a few nights of insomnia. This has happened before and she was dead to the world. I took a video of undressing, touching and eventually giving her a facial. The next day I showed her a video and she said she liked it. She Said she liked being my canvas.

This time I was prepared. Waiting about two hours I tested her by undressing her. Fingering and even using a vibratory on her. She slept through it all like I expected. I layed her flat on her stomach with a pillow under her hips to push her ass in the air. I started by fingering her ass working from 1 to 3 fingers all the way in. I heard a few moans but showed no signs of waking.

I lined up my 6 1/2 dick and straddled her legs. I put my dick on her tiny asshole and slowly slid in. She was tight and hot. I stoped once the head of my cock was in her and layed on her back. I reached back and spread her cheeks while I pushed more into her ass. About half way in she moaned and moved her hands slightly but settled down. I slowly pushed the rest of my dick into her right ass. Once balls deep it felt tighter and the sensation of her tight asshole at my base was intoxicating.

I laid balls deep in her for awhile letting her ass adjust but her tightness never let up. I started to pump her and she moaned with every thrust. I pulled out to my head and pushed it balls deep repeatedly and getting faster. Her ass felt so nice and infelt like I was growing in her.

I pounded her at the end still spreading her cheeks and going balls deep. Cumming In her ass made me spasm. I felt drained and wanted to stay in her ass. I eventually went limp and slid out of her. I put her thong back on and went to bed.

My wife woke me up with a flip flop to my back and kept hitting me as I started getting up. She was screaming that I fucked her ass and she is really sore. After calming her down she asked if I had a video for her to watch. I handed my phone to her which had a few videos and pictures of the nights activities.

This won’t be my last time using her defenseless holes and she loves it.

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  • I hope you used LUBE, for Christ's sake.

    If not, use it next time. Jeez.

  • Nicely done.

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