The step daughter

So I have been with my lady for the last 5 years and raised her kids without any help. As her youngest daughter grew up I had to deal with her wearing stuff that would show of her tatas. She also had no problem flashing me even in front of my lady. My lady didn't find anything wrong with it because she had a bra on!

Her older daughter who is 21 had been where shirts with no bra. The shirts are see threw. She won't stop where then till i told her one day when I see you like that it turns me on and makes me want to have sex with you. I asked her how she feels about that and she said ok!

Ever since she has not put on the see threw shirts because her mom screamed at her about it. Now the daughter has been wearing my shirts without a bra and I can she the out line of her nips. She now touches me when we talk. It always feel strange when I'm alone with her.

She gets me so horny I can't even sleep with all the naughty thoughts going the me head. I just don't know what to do. I don't know if she is still doing this on purpose or not. She walks in on me changing and acts like it's no big deal and she is never in a hurry to close the door.

I really have a desire to do something but scared.

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  • I do the same to my step dad. I leave my dirty panties around too, I caught him going through my laundry with my hidden cam, jerking off to my clothes

  • How old are you honey..

  • You naughty girl , I bet you watch the videos and rub your pussy raw while shoving your fingers deep inside your hot pussy don't you? Id love to go through your laundry and sniff your dirty panties while you watch me and play with your pussy.
    hell if you still have your period , I would love to smell and lick/suck your dirty tampons while you watch me masturbate. period blood and secretions taste so good. when I'm at friends and customers houses, ( I work as a property maintenance guy for peoples homes) I always ask to use their washrooms and rummage throught their laundry basket and bathroom garbage can for used pads and tampons take them home and taste them while dressed in naughty lingerie and suck the dirty pads and tampons clean untill I come...mmmmm

  • She knows exactly what she is doing. It is a rush for her that she has the power to get your attention and make you horny. My wife calls it the power of the puss.

  • Don’t. Unless you have a lot of cash for that divorce attorney and alimony.

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