I did something really inappropriate

I'm the only single guy in our development. I'm also about 10 years younger than the average in our development. I bought the house 2 years ago because I liked the neighborhood and thought my girlfriend at that time would become more than that. I was wrong.

I get along with everyone in my development but my neighbors, Jan & John have taken me under their wings and included me in a lot of dinners and family events. They're super nice and I've also enjoyed meeting and watching their kids, Katie & J.J. grow up. Katie is going to be a high school senior this year and J.J. is a year younger.

Last week, John came over for a beer on Friday afternoon and asked me if I'd "watch the house" for a couple days. They were taking JJ to camp and then he and Jan were going on a vacation for themselves. They were leaving Katie home alone but didn't want her to have parties and stuff. I said no problem and asked what I should do in the event that something happens. He gave me all the info and that was that.

The house has been really quiet since they left. In fact, yesterday (Monday)was the first I even saw Katie since her parents left. She was going for a run. I felt bad looking but her little, young, athletic body was too much to ignore. I watched as she ran down the street and waited for her to come back up. Casually, as I saw her crest the hill, I walked out to get my mail and she stopped to say hi. I figured I'd flirt a bit and check her out. No harm in looking. We were talking and I casually invited her in for some water. Surprisingly, she said yes. We walked to the kitchen, I handed her a glass, and she held it out as I poured from the canister. We made eye contact and we basically lost control.

I picked her up and placed her on the countertop as we made out. I slid her tank top off and helped her remove her sports bra. I was shocked by her body and wanted to see more. She picked her body up and I pulled her running shorts off. I stared at the prettiest little pussy I've ever seen. No sign of hair, just perfect. I knelt down and started eating her out while she remained up on the countertop. Her hands were grabbing and pulling my hair as I switched between tonging her clit and fingering her. She felt, smelled, tasted amazing. I think I was having more fun than her.

When she finally came, I stood up and we made out as her juices were all over my face. I helped her off the countertop, we left her clothes in a pile on the kitchen floor and walked over to the first floor guest bedroom in my house. I sat on the edge of the bed as she, somewhat nervously, helped me remove my shorts. She took my dick in her hand, kissed me, and said, "this is only the 2nd time I'm doing this." I said, "We don't have to." She smiled at me and said, "I want to." She knelt down and put my dick in her mouth. It felt really good. I loved watching this young girl so focused on returning the favor. Her eyes were closed tight, her lips were sealed on me, and she gave it everything. I warned her as I came. It wasn't enough though. She was not ready to swallow it. She coughed it up on me and my floor. She looked really embarrassed but I told her not to be.

We laid down on the bed together. I said, "Should we keep going?" She bit her lip and said, "Yes. Be gentle though." I did not put a condom on since I didn't have one but I told her I'd be careful. I rolled on top of her and inserted myself deep inside her. I knew she liked it despite it taking a minute for her to find real comfort. She was so tight. After a couple minutes, I was ready to cum. I pulled out and finished on her stomach. I got up and got her a towel to wipe herself off and she got up to use the restroom. She came back and laid with me and said, "I can't believe that just happened." I said, "Neither can I." She rolled over on top of me, kissed me, and said, "I have soccer practice later today, can I come over afterwards?" I just looked up at her and said, "Sure."

We fucked again last night. She went to her house late last night and I know she went to soccer practice today because I saw the car pull out of the garage. I don't know if she'll stop by again later but I assume she will. I'm also dreading the inevitable call from John asking about the house and if I've talked to her at all. Mentally not ready for that. I don't even know if she's 18. I do know that if she stops by again, I'm not saying no.

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  • Ditto here. These idiots write as if they are alien to normal behavior on earth by the human species. The clown writes that he didn't have a rubber so he withdraws before he ejaculates. That is like soo pre 1960's!! It makes me wonder what sort of time warp these morons are in.
    It's like nobody comprehends that the female is solely accountable for contraception.

  • This dude is a pip at best. Certainly no man here. like most males, he suffers from being feminized in society ; the feminization occurring clearly as the result from the mental disease of liberalism that many are afflicted with. He needs lessons in womanizing.

    First, a man doesn't warn of his pending ejaculate. That is part of a female learning the signals/ signs of such. When he feels orgasm pending, man holds gal by the hair or ears, drives his organ as deep as permitted & proceeds to ejaculate into her throat > as a aid to her learning process. That's just how it's done, liberals.

    Secondly, when a man is considerate enough to improvise for the female's failure & responsibility of contraception by withdrawing his organ, he doesn't get up for any towels to follow the act. SHE wipes up the semen. Gawd, many men just don't want any respect ; that is clear.

  • Yeah, I have to say, my favourite part of giving a blow job is when the guy grabs my head, rams his cock down my throat, and shoots his load.

  • This is bizarre at best. There must be more or this is bogus. It IS 2017 & I'll presume for the sake of argument that the fool here lives on earth. I read the entire posting & was looking for where it is continued. I'm still waiting to read the part where fool did something inappropriate. NEVERMIND. The stress is good for you.

  • OMG. Has anything happened since the initial hookup?

  • OP Here: I'm surprised this got published so quickly, I posted it yesterday. I'll answer the questions I got from the last comment. I am 32. John is 47 & I think Jan is 44/45 maybe. I haven't asked Katie how old she is yet but I have a very strong feeling that she's not yet 18 so that's not very good in the grand scheme of things.

  • This is great! how old are you though? If she's going to be a HS senior, she's likely either 17 or 18. Clearly old enough to make sound decisions. How old are you though? 30s? I'm just trying to add more context in my head.

  • Omg yess! So hot!
    Can't say Im not jealous

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