A surprise date

I was 43 years old just moved to Seattle didn't know anyone and decided to have a few drinks. I went to a cocktail lounge and sat back I noticed a thin brunette average height. She was very beautiful and elegant I walked over introduced myself. We talked she had a very sexy voice a bit deep reminding me of my daughter who is a good singer. I asked if she was a singer she said no laughing asking why I thought she was. I told her my daughter was a singer and they sounded and looked very simular. She laughed saying men are attracted to girls reminding them of their daughters. She said many fight sexual urges they feel and like to pick up on girls simular to play it out. Defensively and uncomfortable knowing I've fought this exact problem thru the years with my daughter I denied it. She smirked saying it's OK just don't feel alone she has many clients who have this issue. I asked if she was a shrink she laughed saying no. We talked and I asked if she had plans for the night she said she was a prostitute taking me off guard. She asked if I ever been with a prostitute I said no she smiled saying she liked me. OK she said I have a client and it should last a couple hours and then we can meet. I said it sounded great and we agreed on meeting later going out in town. We met up later taking a cab we walked along the pier talking. We started holding hands and made our way back to my place. She said she had a confession she needed to share I'm a guy. I last not believing her she asked if I was curious or ever thought about enjoying a cock. I've always been a ladies man I said she giggled saying I hadn't thrown her out I must be curious. I laughed saying you look in every way a women you have obviously got tits. She smiled asking if I wanted to check I figured calling her bluff walking over. I reached under her skirt pulling it up her panties stuffed with a obviously huge cock. I just looked she said it's OK go ahead I'm not going to charge you. I didn't hesitate I pulled them down out plopped over 7" of the thickest cock over ever seen. Bigger huh she said I asked what she meant she giggled saying I'm bigger huh. I laughed saying that sweetie you are I've never seen a cock that hung. She giggled saying go ahead I started stroking her cock she lead me toward my bedroom. Get naked she told me let's rub our cocks together again I didn't hesitate. I was already hard while my erect 6 3/4" cock was allot smaller she giggled squeezed my cock. What do you think she asked your huge and I can't believe I'm doing this. I asked how old she was, I'm 23 years old sweetie she said. We stared kissing she rolled on top of me fucking our cocks against each other. I felt a rush surging thru my body enjoying this without fear or regret. I asked if I could suck her cock she giggled insisting we 69 so she could pleasure me at the same time. She was a professional I felt my entire cock down her throat. He cock was so thick I apologized saying I can't fit it like that. She giggled saying no body has yet if I was able to she would have to marry me. We both laughed going back to 69ing I was just looking up at her huge cock and balls dangling down amazed. My hands felt and squeezed and worked her suddenly she got the best of me making me cut she swallowed every drop I was trying to catch my breath. She kept going till I pulled away wow your to good I said laughing. She giggled saying next time I suck you off imagine Ashley I had told.her my daughter name. OK I said that sounds great she giggled saying I knew it I was right. I laughed saying yes I've had a painful crush on her for years she said don't feel bad. She put my hand back on her cock asking what my daughter would think of her huge cock. I laughed saying she would think it's huge. She asked what was going thru my head I was hesitant to telling her but she had ways to get me to talk. I'm imagining your cock would give her little pussy one hell of an orgasm. She giggled I promise I wouldn't stop till she was completely satisfied. I laughed saying that I was sure her little 12 year old pussy would be. She asked me if I wanted to know how she would feel, a rush came over me I was excited and nervous. I knew she meant taking that 10 3/4" long fat cock up my ass. I also knew if I said no I would always regret it wondering what it would had been like. She kissed me and gripped my cock, your not saying no she said. I'm nervous about it I admitted your really big she giggled asking if she was smaller if I would. I laughed saying actually the only reason I am considering this is because you hung. She giggled saying I know they all want a big one guys and little girls she said giggling. I was sure she was right as twisted as the comment about little girls was. She went to her purse pulling out a bottle of lube I laughed saying sure you always need allot of that. She giggled grabbing her huge cock swinging it around smirking. When I have sex with guys or girls in the ass it's a must. I'm sure that is the truth I said asking if she was bi sexual. She laughed saying she preferred females but made a living servicing men. I figured out her whole dramatic transformation was for money. She was solicited the first time when she was 14 yrs old at a locker room. Paid by a guy $500.00 to let him suck her and let her fuck him in the ass. She serviced him for several years found clients even as a underage teen in locker rooms. Having a cock that size even her age didn't matter she learned about she males and what they made. Moving when she turned 18 away from home never looking back. She said my family would freak out better they think im dead. I bit deep kinda killing the moment but another amazing blow job she started giving me. I agreed trying her for size she had me take a shit and use my fingers with lube to clear out my ass in the toilet. After 20 minutes I walked out all the more nervous as seeing her cock. It looked like it was flexed how meaty it was so thick. I'm going to have you on your back and hold your cock and balls in your hand and squeeze as I hurt you sweetie she said. She was right she hurt me entering I screamed out trying to get away she was stronger and shoved several inches inside. My cock instantly went limp as she kept pressure going deeper. I was trying to tighten my ass to control her but she was to strong. I felt her in my guts I took a deep breath and she shoved every inch up my ass. I screamed in pain and fear she held me tight smiling calm down sweetie and relax. I couldn't relax I had a summer sausage fucking my guts. She started slowly sliding in and out she had a hard grip on my legs. Now over my head I still couldn't relax and she started fucking me harder. She then grabbed a towel and pulled out I had shit a little that was left she wiped it up. Before I could get away she rimmed every inch back inside she smiled as she did. She giggled saying not so fast im not letting you get away. I'm a lot stronger huh she said laughing I grunted saying your very strong sexy a lot younger to. She had her way with my ass and I started to enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Surprised due to the size and pain I had been in my ass still hurt she was twisting me around now. Taking me at a awkward angle suddenly the pain was all over again. I grunted saying you just like showing off she laughed saying you can get way if you can. I did try but she was much stronger and had me now doggie style. She was up between my lungs I swear it was too deep. I was forced to endure her own pleasure that took forever it seemed till my own took over. I felt my cock started to tingle it was still limp a deep pleasure erupted inside me. I felt my entire body like never before pulsing with pleasure. Not sure how it worked but my shivered limp prick squirted cum. I was exhausted she was still having her way taking me as she pleased. She whispered asking me if she could show me what ass blaster was. I said no it sounds painful she giggled and slowly pulled out. It took forever to catch my breath I then asked what A Blaster was she giggled saying she advertised as that saying she jack hammers clients asses. We talked awhile she was pretty descriptive and I said she pounded me hard enough. I would meet up a few weeks later after my ass healed up from our first few dates. She had kept begging to show me I couldn't imagine her being able to do more or harder than she had already done me. I said OK but if I say stop please stop she said no I won't that's not how it's done. I'm not sure why I kept asking or trying to tell her let do it but stop. But finally I agreed to let her take me and she started slow then rough. Then she hoisted my ass up propped pillows under my low back and put her feet on the wall. Suddenly she started fucking it's not to bad but quickly that changed. She was slamming in and out like a jack hammer so hard so fast my guts hurt. I passed out for a few miles I think only to wake to a full on anal assault. 30 minutes she then hoisted my limp body up kissing me asking if I was ok. She put me down my body didn't have any energy she took me another hour. My ass was gapped out and full on cum dripping out my ass. She was standing her long fat cock dangled over my face. It felt very intimidating she gripped my cock and balls in her hand squeezing. I screamed out and she lessened her grip leaning down kissing me. I felt high like I had been drugged but I knew I wasn't. She just fucked brains laterally out of my head. She asked me what I was thinking I laughed saying I learned one thing today size matters. She giggled winking knowing that's exactly what she taught me.


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  • That's sick. I would have pulled out my pocket knife, cut that phags cock off, put it in the freezer till it was froze solid, then rammed it up his ass, sideways. Needless to say, I strongly dislike phags that try to trick normal men.

  • That's hot I've always want this your lucky

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