I was really bad about ten years ago

My son was in college at the time and brought a friend home on the weekend, he was a great looking guy and I really had to calm myself down after they left to go out and have some fun. They returned late, like a 1am or so and I got up to make sure they were alright for the night then went back to bed.
I woke up in the morning and got my routine going working out at the gym, breakfast then cleaning. I came out of the laundry room and his friend was up and standing in the kitchen, I told him good morning and asked if he wanted coffee. The day went pretty good then around 6 or so my son tells me that his dad wanted to meet him for dinner to talk about college and other stuff but he did not want to take his friend along nor did he want to leave him at home. I told his friend that he could certainly stay here if he wanted and we could watch a movie or even go out and get some dinner as well.
We opted for ordering food delivered and watching a movie, I searched thru some movies trying to go for more of a comedy/drama trying to stay out of the love story area or have an uncomfortable sex scene for us to watch. We started watching a movie and the food arrived, we ate, movie ended and my son still was not home. I was cleaning up what dishes we had when he walked into the kitchen and asked if there was anything he could do so I told him to crumple up the boxes and stuff them into the garbage, he noticed that is was pretty full when he was finished so he asked me where to take it. When he came back my hands were soapy and the bags were under the sink so I told him which door to open and when he leaned down to get one he leaned a little to far and lost his balance which put the side of his face and head against my butt. I was pressed into the front of the cabinet and because he used his head to push himself back then if that was not enough his hand ended up on my other cheek helping him go backwards.
We exchanged a few embarrassing remarks then as part of one of my comments I told him he did not kiss my ass very well at all. He was still on his knees behind me and told me he could try again if I wanted him to and I stood there tingling from head to toe as I told him sure if he thought he could do better.
He reached up and pulled down my stretch pants and I about had an orgasm when I felt his mouth on my cheeks and his hands gripping my hips. I grabbed the edge of the sink as he sank his tongue deep between my cheeks and I felt it licking the edge of my lips. In a matter of a minute I was bent over with my chest on the edge of the sink and his tongue was stroking my vagina from top to bottom. I suddenly had this image of my son walking thru the front door flash thru my mind so I straightened up and told him we have to move this somewhere else.
We went back down to the family room and in seconds I was laying on the couch with him on the floor between my legs devouring me. We made love passionately and quickly for about ten minutes with me finishing him off with a nice cock sucking. It turned out that we had plenty of time with my son not arriving home for about an hour after we were back to normal. I told him that if he wanted to come into my room later in the night I would be very happy to make love to him again and I went to bed without anything on in anticipation of it happening.
I was not disappointed when around 2 am he was crawling into bed with me and he went right to it licking me to an intense orgasm. I woke up in the morning feeling like a new woman after not having had sex in a few years. My son has always been a late sleeper so I went into the friends room and slowly slid my hands under the sheets until I found what I had hoped for, his morning erection hard as a rock. I pulled the covers back and sucked it right down with really fast stroking and sucking he came in a minute or so, he smiled at me and told me thanks.
I went downstairs to make some coffee and wondered if he would ever come back for another weekend.

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  • My son's best friend at college has been banging me for the past month every week end. When he's here it's just about non stop sex till we just can't go any longer. We fall asleep wake up and go right back fucking till we fall asleep again and again. I love the things he does to me and he has a very talented toung and a good size cock, good for me anyway.

  • God I hope so for your sake.

  • He will be back

  • Did he ever come back?

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