Tied for all to play with

My wife is ten years younger than I am and personally she has been the best thing for me, I am more energetic and have sex far more often. She is also a super sexual person, she does not work and will very often send me texts with pictures or video attached showing me what she is doing around the house.
I planned a sports party last year and there were about 12 guys coming over to the house so I asked her what she was planning on doing that evening figuring she had lined up something to do with friends. She gave me a smile and told me she was glad that I asked her about it. She then told me what she wanted to do that night, I was a little surprised but at the same time not shocked. She wanted to me to set up a hole in the bathroom so that she could play with anyone's cock during the evening. Her plan was to mostly suck and stroke but asked if she put a condom on some of them would I be okay with it. I was pretty excited by this idea and asked her if I could set up recording equipment to video her doing it. She smiled and told me I read her mind then she told me to unzip because she was so turned on right now she wanted to suck me.
I set up one of the doors from the hallway bathroom which was connected to a half bath from one of the bedrooms. She told me that the story was that I hired a woman to pleasure the guys. We got it all set up and she told me that I had to try it out for her, I walked around to the other bathroom and slid my cock thru the slot. I was amazed at her sucking and stroking, she was turned on completely and after I was hard as a rock I felt her wetness close down on me and she began pushing the temp wall I had built in the door frame. When she was all finished I was really happy with that blow job and decided that I needed to reinforce the wall some more for her to push against.
The day of the party came and she was buzzing with excitement, she even made a sign for the wall that read "For a good time insert cock below". I got everyone going downstairs and then after a few minutes of game time I told a few of the guys about the surprise upstairs, their response was "No you did not, did you?" One of them headed upstairs while the other one stood there staring at me then he asked me why I would get him so excited like that, I told him I am not lying about it. Fifteen minutes later when he came back down he shook my hand and told me I was the best friend in the world, the other guy looked at me then headed upstairs.
So as the night went by all of the guys had been blown and some had been screwed, I had a feeling that most of the fit guys got more than a blow job since their cocks would fit thru the slot the farthest. The wall was only three quarters of an inch thick so most would not have had an issue getting it all the way thru it. She had to have been tired because I went twice and there was nine of us and I know a few other guys went up there twice as well. Everyone was gone except my next door neighbor and he looked at me and asked if I minded if he went in there again, I told him go ahead and see if she is still doing it. I heard him moaning out about five minutes later and wondered how in the hell she had that much energy to suck and pleasure guys for about three hours. He came out and told me that this was the best party he had ever been to in his life and as I closed the door behind him I walked into the bathroom and stuck my cock into the slot. She did not even hesitate, she sucked and stroked on me like it was last night, her fingers were squeezing my balls, her lips were sucking on my head hard as ever while her other hand was gripping my shaft. I then felt a condom going onto my cock and decided not to tell her it was me, she was bouncing off that wall like crazy riding my cock. I could hear her moaning out and then the vibe going on herself, I stood there counting myself as one of the luckiest guys alive to have her. I came and she still kept riding me until she came herself.
I walked around to the bedroom door and unlocked it, I walked over to the bathroom door and she was sitting on the stool by the slot, she looked back at me and asked if everyone was gone. I turned on the light to get a better look at her, she had sperm all down the front of her along with saliva. She had used about a dozen condoms and her nipples were still hard from doing me a few minutes ago. I told her everyone was gone and she looked up at me and told me that it had been one of the best times she had, it turned her on so much to just see cocks come thru the slot. She got up and I followed her to the master bedroom where she turned on the shower, she was talking about the whole evening and some of the highlights. Some of the guys had wanted to put their hand thru and feel her up as well, some want her to back up to the slot so they could lick her. One guy wanted her to get her anus flat against the wall so he could tongue it, her nipples had been sucked on as well. She told me that she was a little sore because after about six guys or so one of them asked her to back up to the slot and he was fingering her pretty good then before she knew what was happening he pushed his thumb into her anus and closed his fingers to it, she was able to pull away from him but it hurt a little bit because he did not open his fingers up. She told me he walked right out as soon as she was off of him so she did not see who it was that did it. She told me though that she never rode one without a condom and one of my friends has a huge cock, like ten inches and really wide. She also told me that one of them had one of the smallest ones she has ever sucked on, hard it only went to the middle of her tongue.
She had a great time and I am sure we will repeat it again some time.

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  • I wonder if I could get my husband to put up a wall like you have in our pool baths, be so much fun at our pool parties.

  • I really like your story. I wonder how thick was the bathroom's wall so that the guys coulf fuck your wife

  • I took the door out of the door frame and inserted a piece of plywood with some reinforcements from standard 2 by 4's. On the side facing the guys it was just the flat plywood wall and on her side she had about a three foot square area for the slot. She could press herself against the wall and it was only 3/4 of an inch to touch her and if she really pressed into it her lips would be just about flush with the other side. I could easily lick or finger her no problem and guys who were in decent shape had everything but about an inch sticking thru to the other side.
    This was not hard to do at all.

  • I would be sure this is all his imagination have you ever put a cock size hole in a metre square piece of three ply and tried fucking it's virtually impossible even up the arse

  • What's your address???

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