My moms friend

Her husband died in his early 40's which left her without someone to do all of the house stuff so I would go over there and take care of everything for her. One day after doing a ton of yard work I walked into the house, she was still wearing her nightgown and it was pretty thin. When she was standing by the sink all the light coming in thru the window made it pretty much see thru. She was standing there with her back to me and I could see the line of her ass cheeks thru the material. I was staring at her rear end and daydreaming about sticking my head under her gown and kissing her ass. I thought to myself why would she not like that if I did it. I walked over and stood behind her then just to test the waters I kneeled down and had my face inches from her ass. She looked over her shoulder and asked me what the hell I was doing, I did not say anything and started lifting her gown up over my head. I got my face right up to her ass cheeks and let her gown fall back down, she just stood there without doing anything, no words were spoken. I started kissing her ass and brought my hands up to her hips she was breathing a little harder and after a few minutes I pulled her hips back some bending her slightly. She responded by bending even further over and spreading her legs out more for access. I took full advantage and pressed my face into her getting my tongue halfway across her lips, she let out a strong moan then and I felt her weight come down on my face as her knees bent. I kissed and licked her like that for about five minutes then to my disappointment she peeled herself off my face and turned around. I asked her if everything was alright and she told me it was great but we needed to go into the bedroom. I followed her in there but asked her to leave the gown on and got back down on my knees, she bent herself over the end of her bed and I licked her ass and pussy until she was moaning and cumming. She collapsed down on the bed and was breathing very hard, I started lifting up her gown and slid it up past her waist. She pulled it the rest of the way off and rolled over, her boobs were amazing, naturally big and did not really go flat at all. she told me to take off my clothes and come up here. I stripped down and climbed on the bed, she put her arms out and told me to straddle her chest. I climbed over her and when I was over her she pushed her boobs up together then told me to push my cock thru to her lips. Her breasts were so warm and with her mouth waiting at the end of them sucking on me it was a great time. After a few minutes she told me to hold on a minute and she got up and went down the hallway. She came back with some vegetable oil and lubed up her breasts then a little on my cock. She laid back down and I resumed sliding between her breasts and ending up in her mouth. I started to get that feeling going and asked her where she wanted me to cum, she just kept her mouth open and looked up at me so I just kept on stroking into her lips. She licked and swallowed all of me down and I just kept on stroking thru those gorgeous boobs for a few more minutes.

4.3 years ago

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    • We want to hear all about that pussy !

    • Hot! When are you going to see her again? Would love to hear more.

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