Nervous young guy at my glory hole

I have a glory hole set up and have posted on here a few times with some of the experiences. I had a younger guy show up last weekend, really nice cock but was very hesitant to put it thru the slot. I told him I would just put my mouth up to the slot and let him control how much he wanted sucked. He was really turned on by the idea of the glory hole but then got cold feet at the idea of sticking his most prized body part thru a slot where he could not see what was behind it.
I got a good look at his cock thru the slot and then placed my open mouth right against it. I felt his head on my tongue and began just licking it with barely closing my lips around it. He was still pretty timid about putting more in though and this went on for about a minute or so with me just barely sucking on the tip. I could hear some small moans of pleasure so I sucked a little harder on him drawing his head into my mouth and giving him some good suction finally and the next thing I know he is ejaculating after like two minutes of sucking. He then zipped up and left without so much as a thank you.
I really did not get much enjoyment sucking on him since he barely let it happen but it did raise his trust level up. I messaged him back afterwards and asked him if he had a good time with it and told him if he wanted to come back again I thought it was fun letting him control the pace. I got a message back the next day and he did have fun with it and wanted to come back so when he returned the next day I did the same thing with him.
He showed up and pretty much got his cock right out and started slowly letting me suck more and more of it as he pushed past my lips a few inches. I pulled back away from him and asked if he would let me lick and suck on his balls some and he answered back asking me how. I told him to hold his cock straight up and lean into the slot and he did it so I gave them a light sucking with plenty of licking. I could hear that he was really enjoying this and to my amazement when he backed away he let his cock fall right into the slot and pushed himself against the door.
I gave him plenty of licking and sucking teasing him to moments of long moaning then sucked on him until he was done pulsating but I kept up a light sucking hoping he would keep it in there for a second orgasm. He began pulling it back slowly so I released him and told him that if he wanted a second orgasm I would keep on going. He seemed surprised by this and slowly his cock came back thru the slot and after plenty of teasing, stroking and sucking he was having his second orgasm and really enjoying it by the sounds he was making. I toweled him off and asked him how he enjoyed that second one, he told me that no one has ever done that before but it was incredible.
He showed up this morning and his cock came thru the slot right away, two orgasms later he was telling me that I was the best cock sucker in the world.

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