My Mother in law ten years ago

She lived alone in Florida and her house needed some repairs done so my wife and I went down for a week. We planned on going to the beach a few times while working on the house but as I started fixing things the list got longer.
My wife and I talked about it and decided that she would fly back home and I would stay at least another week to finish off the work.
I was on like day two of the work and at the end of the day my MIL had a great dinner prepared and told me to go shower up, I was in the middle of doing just that when I could have sworn I heard the bathroom door open. I started to look towards the door and saw her standing right by the sink just watching me shower thru the glass sliding doors. I asked her what was up and she told me nothing much she just wanted to ask me what kind of vegetables I wanted with dinner and listed off several options. The glass doors were not the type that are blurry at all, they are smooth see thru like a regular window so I knew she was able to see me clear as day.
I told her just pick one as they are all on my list of veggies I eat so no problem, she asked me how much longer I would be in the shower and told her just a few minutes as I started rinsing off my body. I noticed though that she had not moved at all so I turned off the water then opened up the door enough to grab the towel off the hook. She turned sideways and started kneeling down on the floor carpet in front of the sink, I looked down at her and asked her what she was doing, she just smiled up at me and told me to step over to her because I was getting my cock sucked for working so hard.
I had no idea what to say to her, I really did not know her very well as I only saw her maybe four times a year because my wife would just fly down to visit her. She again told me to come over to her and as I did so I figured I was making a huge mistake, she reached out and stripped the towel off of me and her face lit up as she reached up and grabbed my cock with her hands. She was breathing hard and started just rubbing it all over her face then sucked me right into her mouth and began a fast sucking rhythm I never thought someone in her sixties would do. She sucked me right thru my orgasm and left me stunned at how great if felt, she continued sucking on me than slowly slide off my cock and looked up at me. I told her that was unbelievable and then she extended her hands up so I grabbed them and helped her to her feet. She grabbed my cock with one of her hands and gave it a few squeezes and pulls then told me wait until after dinner.
We ate and were just sitting in the living room watching some show when she got up and walked over to me, she kneeled down between my legs and told me to pull down my pants. She grabbed them and slide them all the way off then went right at it licking and sucking on my cock like crazy. She has a pretty good figure and I began wondering as I watched her head moving around if she would let me get her clothes off. I reached around and rubbed her shoulders some then leaned forward a little and started sliding my fingers down the side of one of her boobs, she brushed it away though and let out an uh uh as she sucked away on me. She stopped after a few seconds and told me she was willing to give me all the blowjobs I wanted but she was off limits for anything else. I told her okay and leaned back watching her swallow me down and pump my cock until I came again.
So that is how the rest of the week went, multiple blow jobs a day and plenty more than I have ever received in my life a day. She even blew me one afternoon in the garage telling me I needed a break, she loved to kneel down and have me stand there while she did her magic. I started wondering if she did this thru her marriage and if so then he was one lucky guy for sure.

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  • Yep those old chicks like young cock for sure. Several years ago I took my mother in law to get a medical procedure. On the way home she just started talking about how lucky her daughter was to have a hot lover like me. I sorta ignored her but then she grabbed my cock and began blowing me. Believe me I had no interest in stopping her. That women knows how to suck a cock. Long story short the wife and I divorced two years ago but I still hit on her mother now and then. If my former wife knew how to suck a cock like her mother we would still be together.

  • Has it continued?

  • What a shame you didn't fuck the horny bitch

  • WOW, from some of the things I've read, women in their 60s are sometime more active sexually than at any other age. I can't imagine why she didn't want you to fuck her. She definitely would not be betraying her daughter anymore than she was by giving you the blow jobs.. I know you loved it, but DAMN, I bet you were really wanting to fuck her too.

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