The Worst Possible Way

I'm 37, married for 12 years and last night I cheated on my husband for the first time in the worst possible way. We were at a party and it was crowded, noisy and the music was very loud. I was a little drunk and I bummed a smoke and went down the backyard where noone could see me to smoke it in peace. I don't really smoke but sometimes I get the craving for one when I have had a few drinks.

A friend of ours, of my husband really, who we've known for years followed me down and asked me for a smoke. I didn't have one of course so he asked me if I minded sharing mine. So we shared a smoke and had a chat. When we'd finished the smoke he grabbed me and kissed me. I was shocked but my first thought was that my husband never kisses me like this.

He just slid his tongue into my mouth and started thrusting his tongue as though he was fucking my mouth with his tongue. I had never been kissed like this and the next thing I knew he had his hand on my breast and I was thrusting my tongue into his mouth. He sucked my tongue and noone had ever done that to me before.

I was thinking my husband never just grabs me like this and never kisses me like this. He tried to force me down onto the grass and all I could think of was that my dress would get grass stains on it. So I told him I'd get grass stains on my dress and to do me doggy. I didn't even know it was me that said that. It sounded like someone else and wasn't the kind of thing I would ever say.

Before I knew it I was on my hands and knees on the grass and he was behind me. He pushed my dress up over my ass and pulled my panties down, then he just ripped them right off me. I thought Oh My God he just ripped my panties right off me. I couldn't imagine my husband ever doing that. Then he licked me from behind and I thought my husband would never do that not with me in this position.

I had only been with a few men before my husband and I had always thought my husband and I had a pretty normal and good sexual relationship but I had never had sex like this before in my life. I never knew sex could be so good, so exciting and could have such an effect on me.

He just shoved his cock into me and fucked me hard and fast holding onto my hips with both hands. I did things I have never done before. I thrust my hips back at him, I kept moving my knees, spreading them apart to make his cock go in deeper. I moaned and groaned and acted like a slut.

He reached under me and pulled the top of my dress down, then pushed my bra up off my breasts. They swung down and bounced around while he fucked me then he grabbed them with both hands and began to fuck me slowly, forcing his cock in very, very deep. I kept pushing my ass back onto him wanting that cock in me even deeper.

When he came, he grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto his cock while he pushed it in as deep as he could. His cock went deeper inside me than any cock ever had in my life. My husband had never fucked me like that and I had never responded like that in my life with anyone.

He seemed embarrassed and awkward afterwards but all I could think of was how good it had been and how badly grass stained my knees were. I always carry hand wipes in my handbag so I rubbed them frantically on my knees while he stood there watching me.

It didn't hit me until later when I was with my husband that I had just let a man fuck me on my hands and knees like a mongrel dog and some dirty slut in the backyard at a party. Anyone could have seen us if they went down the backyard.

Now every time my husband fucks me I think about that guy and how he fucked me and I long for my husband to fuck me like that but I know he never will. I feel guilty, ashamed and embarrassed about it but I don't regret it. I keep thinking at least I have had one great fuck in my life. My marriage would be over if my husband ever found out.

This guy, our friend, is acting as though it never happened. I don't understand that. I don't understand why he hasn't tried to fuck me again or why he doesn't even seem interested in me any more than he did before. I thought he would be thinking that I had been a GREAT fuck but maybe not. Maybe he is used to sex being like that.

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  • People are so mean. I can see doing that myself. Things like that happen so fast and when a man takes you that hard and fast it’s such a turn on. You feel like you’ve been truly fucked and it’s hard to get past it. I think the guy was horny and probably has been wanting you and is now embarrassed but I would have to talk to him about it if it were me. But know this, he wants you again so unless you plan on cheating then be prepared because it won’t be easy to say no to.

  • You have an alcohol problem you need to address, but overall just roll with it. He just wanted a quick tap of you, it was nothing too emotional beyond that. No expectations before or after. The guy was pretty good, wasn't he?

  • He got what he wanted, to tag his friends wife and he did. He ain't gonna say shit.

  • He used you like a whore and got what he wanted. You want more? You need to ask him

  • Yes, of course they had a photographer there.

  • Pics or it didn't happen.

  • I saw it too and I have a full length feature documentary.

  • It happened. I saw it. I was there.

  • Some of the posts here are funny but the comments are downright hilarious.
    'Pics or it didn't happen' Really? Oh my god, my stomach is hurting from laughing so hard.

  • You think people come on here to be serious? Or to get their jollies? Or wank?

  • All three.

  • Video or it didn't happen.

  • Sworn affidavits from at least 3 witnesses. Or it didn't happen.

  • They better be Jehovah's Witnesses too.

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