No nookie

I’m a 63 year old man I’ve got ptsd ,bipolar , anti social disorder etc. I haven’t been laid since June of 2002 I masturbate almost daily except when my anxiety is really high. I guess it helps reduce the anxiety but it would be much better if I could get laid .
I don’t have any income but I have housing so I can’t afford a hooker .
I’m a veteran and this leaves severely depressed.

Sep 23
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Orgasmed for life

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    • Is the weekend of October 20-22 good for you my husband said he wanted us to have one night alone I’m excited that you are willing to try anal for me like I stated condoms are a must but you are welcome to cum all over my body I like men to spray me

    • I somehow deleted the email I made but I hope you are still coming to Missoula, I will check here to see

    • My email is

    • I’m going to make a email so that we can stay in contact with each other . I’m 5’9” 150 lbs beard shaved head

    • Yes October dates are fine. Sure I understand about condoms , I will make sure I have a lot to spray over you

    • Let’s get to know each other just a little I am white I have long black hair about mid back I’m 6 foot tall 124 lbs I have brown eyes 38DD breast I love any type sex except gross stuff anal ,oral and vaginal I love rough and hard some too and I do have a fair size bush but no hair on my pussy lips or anus I like men to I’m on my naked body too tell me your about yourself snd dick size please

    • Cut 7.5", thicker, Arab and last longer to plow in ... Do I interest you?

    • Yes you do where you from I really love men with permeate tans and I like that cock size would you let my husband watch

    • 6.5 cut

    • That’s a nice size would you mind my husband watching us one night

    • Sure he can watch

    • Thank you and we are looking forward to meeting you

    • Yes I am too , I gave you a email address it’s not real name if you want to communicate with other than here

    • I like anal oral and vaginal I wrote it like it was gross to me in my comment but I like all of that sorry could have mislead you on that one

    • I guess you just needed to share this here and you hit a jackpot unlike me but we have a very similar condition. I do masturbate a lot when it goes outta control I hold woman in bus, metros wherever possible. However, this doesn't serves the full purpose. I want to lay over with a liplock while drilling going on.

    • Oh fuck Daddy my pussy is so wet right now. I’ll fuck my holes for free. I’ll take real good care of your services. I’ll lay you on your back pull your pants down pick your soft dick in my young mouth I hope you’re unCut cause I wanna swirl your Foreskin in my mouth. I hope you have a lot of Gray pubic hairs cause gray hairs turn me on I wanna suck your hairy ball then place your dick in my mouth and thank you for your service once you shoot your load down my throat I’m gonna climb on top of your cock and ride it as my huge pierced boobs bounce in your mouth. I wanna feel your lips on my pussy do you have a thick mustache if so even better - take me back to the first time I got my pussy eaten and feeling his thick mustache rub against my pussy as he licked my pussy making my pussy squirt in his mouth Open wide Daddy now cum up and cum kiss me

      Thank you again Daddy

    • Lemme take care of you Daddy. I’ll send you pussy pics Asshole videos everything to heal your depression. I’m gonna keep your dick hard. You got my pussy so wet right now

    • I’m all for that

    • I'll fuck the shit out of you

    • I’d like that

    • Hi their I’m a 44 year old housewife and my husband love to see me have sex with older guys where you from

    • Montana

    • We are from Idaho so we might could make something work out for you I would love to think you for servicing our country what city do you live around

    • Thank you , I’m just east of Missoula In Drummond

    • Would you be into meeting at Staybridge suits in Missoula for some drinks and see what happen my husband and I have stayed here before we can arrange you an Uber if needed

    • Yes I could meet you there

    • Sounds great what kind of sex do you enjoy and are you willing to wear a condom

    • Yes I will wear a condom oral , open to positions. I have never done anything kinky .

    • Have you did anal to a woman I kind of enjoy a new cock in my ass I makes me feel like the guy owns me for that moment

    • I haven’t but I would

    • Move back up to the comment box I’m posting up there before we run out of room

    • You should definitely eat her creampie from her hubby! This is my favorite thing to do with couples. Sometimes I have to share them with the hubbies. Good luck with this couple. Wish I were closer, I'd love to join you all for cleanup.

    • Yes I wish you were too

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