Orgasmed for life

I sent my uncle naked pictures of myself and videos of me playing with myself until I come. I went to see him some years ago and we started kissing so passionately that I instantly got wet.. he pushed me up again the wall ans we kissed for some time until we went to the sofa. We kissed as I rubbed his cock feeling how hard I made him, he started licking my breast and sucking my nipples as I pressed my pussy back and forth on his hard cock. He put his hand inside my tights and started fingering me with two fingers, he moaned fuck how wet and tight you are as he started fucking me with his fingers faster and faster. I grab him around his neck as I started kissing him and moaning begging for him to make me come. And so he did. He fingered me so deep and fast until I came so plaid and much on his fingers. Him whispering in my ear come for your uncle baby come on my fingers. I never ever had an orgasm like that ever again

Sep 23
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    • When we were younger my wife and I liked going to adult bookstores with glory holes. She was an exhibitionist and we'd go in a booth where she'd suck guys off through the holes and sometimes they'd fuck her. After sucking a guy or two off we'd walk down the hallway to another booth. All she'd have on would be a garter belt & stockings and heels. I'd have her dress over my arm. So anyone in the hallway could see every inch of my 5-8, 120 lb, 34-DD-24-35 redhead wife. We'd go from booth to booth like this until she'd sucked off at least a dozen guys. We always went to places out of town for our fun because her father was the preacher in a small ultra conservative town. We'd got into swinging right after getting married at 18 and had threesomes, wife swapping with cpls with bi wives and some small gang bangs. But exhibitionism was always a big part of all of it.

      One night we were at an ABS about 200 miles from home and Lynn had sucked off a few guys and as usual was going from booth to booth naked except for a garter, stockings, and heels. A guy came in the booth next to us and the hole was pretty big so he stuck his hand through. She let him feel up her big tits and nice firm ass. Then he started to finger her wet cunt. After a couple of minutes he pulled his hand back and put his cock through the hole and she started sucking him off. After a few minutes he whispered for her to back up to the hole. Soon he was fucking my hot young wife for all he was worth. Then he whispered that he wanted to cum in her mouth. She sucked him off some more and soon he emptied a huge load of cum down her throat. We went into the hall to go to another booth and let people see her sexy naked body. About then the guy she'd just fucked came out. It turned out to be her uncle, who like her dad was a preacher. He was in that city as a visiting pastor at a local church there.

    • Let's see the pictures

    • Next time let him fuck you. I always let my uncle join my father to fuck my holes

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