Should I tell her?

My daughter is 19. Very slim and quite tall. My wife on the other hand is 5 foot tall, has an hourglass figure with 32DD breasts.

My daughter’s boyfriend stays at our house quite a lot but as he comes round when we have generally gone to bed we often don’t know if he is here.

This morning my wife got up and went into the bathroom to shower. The bathroom is an en-suite next to our front bedroom. We don’t use that room to sleep in but we do use the bathroom in there. My wife doesn’t really bother with closing the doors as there is usually no one around and I heard the shower start

I am usually at work by the time she gets up but this morning I had decided to work from home so came out of our room about 5 minutes after she went into shower. As I opened the door to come out I saw my daughters boyfriend at the end of the hallway peering into the other bedroom - obviously watching my wife in the shower.

My immediate thought was to yell at him but I was shocked to be honest so froze for a second. he was standing there with his cock sticking out of his shorts and frantically stroking it.

I stepped back into the room and watched as his hand got faster until he came into his spare hand. He turned and walked away to the main bathroom with a handful of cum. My massive erection and I went and joined my wife in the shower where I fucked her breasts and came on her neck and chin

My wife is quite shy with her fantasies (although in a rare moment of passion she has admitted she likes the thought of having a cock in her ass and one in her pussy) so I don’t know whether it would freak her out or turn her on.

Should I tell her what I saw?

17 days
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    • Your lucky. My MIL is nasty.

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    • Awesome story! Keep us posted if you make it inside your daughter.

    • No dont tell her cause if you do she he sucking his dick behind your back at the first chance. But tell him don't be a perv I already let you daughter.

    • I wouod tell. Would live my wife banging my daughters bf. He us quite the stud. Live to see tgat creampie.

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    • Don’t tell. Let the young man be. You should be proud that you have a wife that such a young man would find attractive

    • The shy ones are always the freakiest😜😝

    • My wife is very shy - but when I told her that I'm aware that she is the fantasy of a guy I know.....and it gives him a hard-on and that he cums....thinking about her.
      A coworker or a neighbor ...."sorry I can't tell you"
      Well, she gets pretty hot in bed when she thinks about this!

    • Have your wife and daughter get pregnant by the samevguy. Super hot

    • Oh, God, yes!!! That would a beautiful thing, both pregnant! You would surely have him come live there, and make him “the man of the house”! You must, must, must, must, MUST make this happen, and you must keep your diary here, letting us all know about your family of whores and their bastard children!! PLEASE??!!!!!

    • On hotwives forum there is a guy who had this happen. The wife and daughter binded bcme more lije sisters and formed a triad with the bull.

    • I think you should tell your daughter what you saw. Getting your wife involved with your daughter's boyfriend while they are still dating is a sure-fire way to destroy the relationship between your daughter and her mother.

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