I go to clubs to get groped

I am a 29 year old wife with a respectable life, good job and very strict parents. I like to think my body is ok. I have longish legs, a slightly larger ass than I should and 34e tits.

My sex life with my boyfriend is ok but quite normal. As a result I go to clubs and deliberately head for the areas that are a squeeze to get through and make sure I rub against men as I pass though. Men are animals so I will normal get at least one “accidental” push against my ass or quick feel up with a hand up my deliberately short skirts. I have even stood there in a queue being fingered from behind. I can’t tell you how aroused I was trying to pretend everything was normal with a strangers fingers going in and out of my pussy like a jack-hammer! I went home squelching that night, got into bed and relived the whole experience whilst grinding my pussy onto my boyfriends face.

I do this at least once a month now. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes I have to resort to the final slow dance section to get my cheap thrills.

17 days
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    • Yep these happens to me too every time,also when am traveling around in crowded train or bus.

    • I go to clubs to get picked up when my husband is away on business trips. I know he cheats when he's away, so, I don't feel guilty.

      I wonder if my 2 kids are his. I wonder if he's bred any of his lays.

    • I was a married 18-year-old. We used to go to the club once a month, I remember the first he had to leave because workcente5r called me. He told me to stay as he ought to only be gone for less than an hour. I was dancing the hustle with this older black gentleman then it went to a slower song. He was so much taller than me. He had one hand on my ass and the other was feeling my side boob. I was so excited.

    • I sent my sexy slim blonde 34 yr old wife and mother of 2 out with her girl friends to a night spot. She wondered if she was still attractive....So, I had an idea.
      Her assignment was to get tipsy - give some panty shots to guys - flirt a little if he wanted - and come home and tell me about it. She was wearing a really cute khaki skirt - not super short, but short enough to show off her great legs if she wanted it to! It had a nice slit....
      Over the course of 2 hours she said she flashed 3 guys sitting at the nearby bar.....
      They sent her drinks....
      Then, out of the blue her BIL showed up (he came there often) , her friends left, and she noticed that he too was enjoying looking up her skirt, which had hiked up accidentally in the booth. "Brian! - Are you looking at my panties?!"
      "I sure am!"
      They had a nice long chat and a few more drinks while she sat like that....letting him look at her soft cunt in those panties. I'm pretty sure he copped a nice feel or two - because she was sooo horny when she came home~!
      Later she admitted that she'd had to tell him, "down boy! - I'm going home and fuck K...., and you should go home and pound my baby sister!"

    • I'm confused. You say that you are a "29 year old wife", but you go home to your boyfriend. So are you married or not?

    • Maybe both. Married with a boyfriend.

    • I only have one problem with your post. Your ass is not larger than it should be. No such thing. It’s your ass, part of your sensual body. Enjoy it. Others obviously do.

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