I really, really want to try sucking cock. The thought gets me so hard. I want to talk to my wife about it, and for her to make it happen. But I don’t think she really believes I am bisexual. We could have so much fun. I’d let her fuck the guy, too. I don’t care if he fucks her better than I do. I just want his cock, cumming in my mouth.

3 months ago


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    • I love sucking on a nice thick long cock with a fat head and a nice set of hairless balls to play with while if sucking his cock ! So when you rap your lips around his cock and go up and down he’s going to feel your lips not your teeth! The first cock that you suck on is the hardest! No pun intended !
      As long is he is hard your doing a good job !
      Every now and then try going down and suck on his balls gentle ! And lick his cock like it’s a lollipop and take his cock out of your mouth and smack yourself in the face with his cock ! Trust me he’s going love seeing you do that with his cock ! As you get comfortable sucking on his cock try taking his hand and put it on top of your head and let him push your hard down on his cock until he makes you gag !
      Your gag reflex around the head of his cock in the back of your throat will make him want to Cumm in your mouth so bad ! Your going to love how intense feeling your going to get when his and creamy load flows into your mouth ! You will want him to Cumm in your mouth again! That’s how I got trained to suck a mans cock ! Maybe you can get him Cumm on your face ! That’s also a really intense feeling!
      And he will really enjoy it !

    • I’ve loved sucking a mans dock from my first time when I about 15 years old and he was 17 years old he was my friend brother ! But I didn’t really care I just wanted to find out what it’s going feel like!
      I’ve watched my sister doing it on her boyfriend before while I was hiding in her closet playing with myself !
      So I was curious
      So when I finally got my chance to suck on a cock for my first time I didn’t even think about it twice I just went ahead and did it! For him! He started to moan then he put a hand on the top of my head and held me down on his cock just as he was about to Cumm in my mouth!
      He was telling me to keep going I’m going to Cumm in your mouth and I want you to swallow my Cumm !
      D so o I did it because I wanted to know how it taste and fell his Cumm in my mouth I felt such a rush go through out my body the intense feeling was so incredibly!
      From that day I was hooked on sucking a cock !
      We started to get together every chance we have !
      Eventually we started to hand sex with each other! Our encounters are constantly sex !

    • Very hot !

    • I feel the same way. I'm not really gay, or bisexual in the regular sense...I just think that when people are horny, they'd do things they wouldn't normally do. But I think about sucking cock sometimes, especially with trannies. A cousin of mine who I used to hang with when we were younger used to go to the clubs every weekend picking up chicks, and sometimes, we'd fuck the same girl at the same time. Either he or I would fuck her ass while the other fucked her pussy, and we even banged her pussy at the same time occasionally. Watching his big cock slam her holes always turned me on. One time, he was fucking this slut's asshole while her and I were 69ing on the bed. When he said that he was ready to cum, I let him cum in her ass for a moment, then reached up and pulled his cock out of her asshole and pointed it at her pussy. He didn't object and just kept squirting his cum all over her slit. The cum dripped down on my face and I just lapped it up. He thrusts his cock into my mouth and finished on my tongue. From then on, we did all kinds of shit like that, but only when we were banging some whore. I came in a girl's ass and he used my cum as lube for his cock, slamming her asshole with his big dick, and came inside her as well. That same girl kept coming back for more, and once, we were both pounding her pussy at the same time, our cocks rubbing together inside her hole, and we both started squirting inside her. I could feel his load and my load mixing together inside this tramp, and it was the hottest thing I've ever done. When we pulled our cocks out, we were both covered in cum. She sucked both of us until it was gone.

    • So hot I’d love to try that

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