Crossdresser or Sissy?

So if this guy likes wearing panties, skirts, lingerie and dresses does that make him a crossdresser or a sissy or both? I don’t know if there’s more to it than that to be called either, I don’t know the difference.

Also if you suck another guy off are you a “cocksucker”? Just one time so does that mean my friend is one because he sucked cock? I’m asking for definitions kinda, not unhelpful comments

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  • I have a sissy I have him constantly in chastity and always wearing female gear at home plus make up and wigs.
    He asked for the chastity so after quite a while I took up with a younger guy at work with a large yummy cock, I trained him how I liked sex, when he comes over for a session I send my gurl out to clean my boyfriends car and do the yard work, when we are finished sissy has to clean up the bedroom/ensuite , wash all linen and remake the bed.
    I have been thinking that my sissy should give my boyfriend a blow job when he turns up so he can last a lot longer in me, yes I am certain so that will be done next Saturday.

  • Well, if you know how to swim you are a swimmer, whether you are in the water or not.

    So I guess if a cock has been in your mouth....

  • You should start him on breast enhancement pill's, liquid and cream massaged in, I have had my husband on them for three years, just a little firmer in the breasts but his nipples are very prominent his penis and testicles began getting a lot smaller about eight months ago so I upped the dose they are now so miniature he has to sit to pee it is difficult for him to hold his prick and he cannot masturbate, he although still needs shaving his body hair is less for sure, he is my little sissy and I love it he totally dresses feminine all the time at home, no matter who comes around, even doing the yard or cleaning the cars he wears female gear with wig.
    Hope you have as much fun.

  • A sissy is by far the best as long as you are very dominant and he is submissive, my husband puts on gaffs that pull his little dick and balls right up out of sight so he looks very female with whatever he wears, we have tried everything to get his breasts to enlarge but to little avail so we are thinking of implants not large just enough so he has nice firm little tits, he really looks great in makeup and wig so I can take him anywhere dressed I love humiliating him by meeting some of my girlfriends .

  • OH Honey you can have a lot of fun with your man, see if you can get him talking about chastity even better you suggest it I hope he is subordinate then order a cock cage, plastic with internal lock is by far the best I have my husband in one and I have had him locked for six weeks without orgasm I cuff him behind every Sunday and wash, shave, clean him then tease him to precum but not let him cum then he is locked, this time I am going to take him out to nine weeks, he satisfies me by tongue, fingers and toys.
    He is just so obedient and nice to me does everything I want he knows that should I get upset he might have a Prince Albert penis piercing done.
    I really like him being dressed and made up just to humiliate him I have had my sister and a couple of friends come over so he could serve us drinks and a light lunch.

  • Hard to say if he's a cross dresser or sissy, for years I have worn sexy panties all the time, bra and nighties at home then about two years ago I progressed to suspenders, stockings, pantyhose, heels, skirts, blouses, dresses, maids outfits, catsuits and bodysuits, having my wife shave me do my make up (I am learning that now) and a wig, my wife goes with me shopping but we don't mind at all if the assistants know they are for me, when Femme I have a name Sherry, I don't mind being either a cross dresser or Sissy it's just for my wife and I.
    If he has only sucked one cock I don't think you should brand him a cocksucker till he does it constantly, I hope he doesn't.

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