My sister’s boyfriend keeps sneaking into my room at night

He comes into my room late at night to do it. I don’t know why I haven’t told my sister or anyone else. It’s to the point now where as soon as I go to bed at night the main thought running through my head is wondering when he’s going to come in to my room. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. What makes it worse is that I definitely do find him attractive, and always have.

The first couple of times he would pull out and finish on my back or my stomach, but lately he’s started not pulling out at all and just finishing inside me. I hate myself for potentially ruining my sister’s relationship, but there’s nothing I can do once he’s in my room.

He just sneaks in, locks the door, climbs into bed with me, forces himself in me, then quietly leaves and goes back to my sister’s bedroom. Nearly every night. I don’t want her to know and have her life wrecked in any way. What is wrong with me??

2 months ago

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    • Are you on the pill and how old are you?

    • Excellent!!!

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