Me to

Being straight not attracted to guys don’t want to kiss OK but I will suck a cock until I come I don’t mind doing it but I do love pussy and ass it turns me on but I’m not gay or bi

1.1 years ago

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    • I'm not attracted to guys at all. Don't want to hug, hold hands, kiss etc. But dicks are amazing organs. I like dicks just fine. Just don't need the guy that they are attached to.

      So I'm at least a little on the Bi side of the scale. Nowhere near full Bi, or I'd be attracted to the guy too. Just like dicks.

    • Holla holla brother. Men are disgusting to look at , cuddle with, kiss, and everything else. But that dick do be real tastey. Gloryholes are gods greatests gifts. All the dick and none of the men.

    • These types of stories always remind me of my first admin, who used to say, "you can never unsuck your first dick." Meaning, if you go down, you're gay, definitely.

    • Coming, with a 19 year olds cock firmly in my mouth is an experience iv never quite got over and it certainly makes him pull my head down on his cock and come minutes later the excitement quickly leaving me and him once i swallowed his cum and took most of his cock in the process .Looking down on me no doubt feeling slightly guilty that we`d both blown each others but i am straight attitude right out of the water we make a quick exit guilt quickly setting in for me the happy family man and him with his long term girlfriend arm in arm. I now know he loves being able to make me come just by thrusting in and out of my mouth .

    • It used to amaze me how often 'straight' men that aren't attracted to men at all like to or want to suck dick. It took me a while to learn and realize that it is actually true. Liking to suck D doesn't make you Bi or gay

    • Youre a faggot for cock. Accept it and suck some cock and get it over with

    • It's wild, isn't it? I wonder how many of us are like this

    • I'm one of those guys. I watch porn and wish I was the girl sucking cock. Ya I have it bad but not attracted to guys, not even a little bit.

    • I love pussy I also like wearing panties garters nightys I like the thought of you on your knees between my legs feeling your warm mouth wrapped around my very hard shaft momspantysniffer

    • What is your definition of bi?

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