Wife and stripper

For the last few years I have really wanted to talk my wife into going to a male strip show. As far as I know she has never been into that stuff. She is fairly reserved so I don’t know she would ever go for it. I want to see how she would react to watching some young stud strip in front of her. I fantasize about her grabbing his d**k and giving a few tugs. I’d love to see her get turned on by this. I used to be really jealous so I don’t know where this comes from. Has anyone had this experience?

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  • Yes, this is how my wife and I have our threesome fantasties play out. There is a club in our city that is split in two, one small side with male strippers and the other larger side with female strippers. We go, have a “threesome” lap dance with some girls and usually the strippers get really into it and will do extras for free, like suck her tits or finger my wife, and my wife will jerk me off or suck me while the stripper gives me a lap dance and the stripper sometimes will help her. Then, some times if my wife is in the mood, we go to the male side, and she picks a guy she thinks is hot, we get a lap dance and my wife will suck me while the guy grinds on her, with her dress pulled up while he fingers her. They’ll do anything, and they always want for her to blow them but my wife refuses to blow a stripper out of concern for diseases! She will jerk them and jump them while she sucks me though, and she sucks their ducks with a condom on sometimes. It’s fun, and a good “threesome” fantasy that won’t likely go south.

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