His Fetish my Bliss

My wife knows about the man i am seeing an open bi marriage. I only see him and she knows when and where i meet him but what she does not know is about his fetish. The first time i met him was in a gay bathhouse and in my room bent over waiting on him to fuck me i felt his finger go in then his tongue. Was guick and felt weird but erotic. He is married so when i do meet him its usually a quick fuck then we go our seperate ways. But this last weekend i mainly met him for his fetish and i loved every second of it. I stopped and got some whipped cream got the room got nude and waited on the motel bed. Yes i was very clean and he walked in and seen me laying on the bed waiting. He took off his clothes and i gladly took his black cock into my mouth. Then he got between my thighs and for the next 45 minutes he licked and sucked and shot in the whipped cream and i had a few orgasms i was so turned on. Heavy breathing and i have had alot of oral sex from my wife but i hate to say it but this was way more erotic and intimate. I only got the room for one hour but had to rent another 2 hours. After he was done the whipped cream i guess helped the anal sex. He was fucking me and i came again. Its like he woke something up in me. Yes my wife knows i had sex with him but this part i am keeping to myself. After he cum we talked for a bit but not much i was on a cloud. I got him hard again and then he fucked me on a bar in the room. Then after we took a shower washing each other and to thank him i gave him a complete blow job and swallowed. I believe its called rimming and i do not want it to stop.

Jul 25
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