I have to tell someone

At my work new owners took over and started in forcing the zero tolerance rule that the old owners just kind of let slide. I really wasn't worried because I work in the office and I just presumed that is was just the warehouse workers that were going to be checked. I was wrong and I failed horribly ( I smoke pot ) I started crying and begging for a chance to save my job. I have to have it I have a husband that isn't working due to lay offs in the timber industry and I have two young children. I looked at the new boss and told him I would do anything for another chance. He sat up straight in his chair and said define anything. I looked at him and looked down and said I mean anything. He responded with some gentlemen from a large English company are coming over for a few days and he didn't know how to keep them enterained during their stay. It was really important because they were investors and things needed to happen in the companies favor. I told him I would be happy to help. I don't know what conversation took place between but when the time came they had me go to their hotel room where they used me for hours then got dressed and left to the bar. I went home feeling like a complete whore and there is more meetings in the future.

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  • I'm in Tennessee but I have to go to California to meet up with prospective new clients this weekend.

  • Where are you and how can I get in touch with you?

  • What is going on here, are you now offering sex outside of your work commitments darling ?

  • Truth is something in my head can't get the thought of cheating or sex out. I constantly think about it

  • OH Baby you sound so very hot and I am sure you enjoy every minute your boss is so fortunate to have caught you out, I bet you get every future pay rise and a great Xmas bonus I am sure he would not want to loose you

  • I hope you like being a sex slave because that is what you will become, please ensure you really enjoy the investors/customers

  • Darling please let us know about your experience after your next meeting this story makes me horny

  • Sure but actual details may make me embarrassed and hard to write

  • Darling don't be embarrassed a lot are interested in your situation and only wish you well, would you do anything including anal to satisfy the investors/customers that you are sent to service ?

  • After I knocked on the hotel room and was let in. The investment men were saying to each other in front of me how nice it was for my boss to send a whore. They took me to the automan told me to strip and I sat on it then I began sucking them. While I was sucking one of them another bent over to my face and said honey you like getting fucked up your arse. I didn't say anything. He stopped me from sucking and said not saying no is the same as saying yes. we all climbed up on the bed where they first took turns in my ass using the hotel hair conditioner as lube then took turns with me on my back .then I was on one riding when the other got behind me at the same time

  • Thank you Honey you just made me so horny, the boss certainly picked the right girl to service his selected client's

  • If I was your boss I would have you suck my cock every day probably fuck you as well, ensure you have a butt plug in while at work so you might be getting it easy at the moment

  • Yah fuckin right all that over pot sounds more like acoke crack job feel sorry for you did that over pot that's just new age cigs ppl don't care about weed anymore they no it's not bad

  • Well I don't do harder drug's , I know that it's very easy to get. The company policy is what it is. Not debatable. My job is our only source of income , very good pay that would be nearly impossible to match somewhere else with my limited education.

  • Well sweetie your stuck aren't you, better get used to being used whenever the company needs their cheap little prostitute, I suggest you get into a lot of practice with hubby, oral, vaginal, masturbation and oh don't forget anal yes your going to cop it in the arse, don't want to disappoint the investors and upset the boss, might be a good idea to get some sexy, slutty cloths as well

  • How many investors were in the room with you ? Did you suck their cocks and let them all fuck you ? Did you do them bare letting them fill you with cum ?

  • I went to the room , three English guys let me in , almost immediately I was striped and layed on the bed. I did give BJ's yes and yes I had cum in and on me when they were done.

  • Your in a situation now that makes it impossible to stop obviously you have to keep getting fucked by whoever he chooses whenever he chooses, oh well at least you have the job and as long as you perform well for the investors you will keep it, your now the company's cheap prostitute

  • Oh you loved it.

  • I had never been with more than one man at a time before

  • Did you enjoy it though?

  • Now that you've done it you can cash in by suing your boss

  • He never actually told me to sleep with anyone , and I fear that if I try to he can fire me for sexual miss conduct and or something. For having sex with clients

  • Why would he do that

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