Cheating Mother!

I recently overheard my mother on her cell phone with another man. She has been married to my stepdad for about 5 years. I was 11 when they married. My dad died in a helicopter crash in the army. I thought mom loved Jim my stepdad but after hearing parts of her cell conversation I'm not sure anymore. Not sure about anything now. Jim has been really good to me. I care about him and feel torn inside. Not so sure about my mother. The things I heard her saying were so upsetting. She was talking about sex and she said that she enjoyed it more with the person on the phone and that Jim's dick wasn't as big. I think it might be this one man she works with but not sure. When she hung up I did hear her say , "love Ya". Yeah like it means so much. She says that to me and Jim all the time. My mom wears clothes that are pretty revealing. She wouldn't let me leave the house the way she does. I think my mom is a slut. She says Jim likes it. Says she dresses that way for him. I know do as I say not as I do. I have thought about telling him what I overheard but it would be too embarrassing. Plus I don't like the idea of Jim being hurt. I asked an older friend. Like a hypothetical question deal. She said mind my own business. I don't like thinking about being homeless either. Or ending up God knows where or with whomever.


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  • If your mom is a slut then you need to get your share of her. Let her "accidentally" see your stiff cock and go from there. If she says anything threatening then you can tell her you know about her boyfriend and if she doesn't want Jim to know then she'll do as you say.

    Good luck, wish I could be there with you, I think two cocks would put her in her place.

  • It's definitely time to blackmail your mom into letting you fuck her.

  • If your dick is bigger than your stepdad's, I'd find some evidence to blackmail your mom for sex, and to live where you are now.

  • Pretty sure this was written by a girl. She mentions her mom would not let her dress the way the mom does.

  • I would find out who this guy your mom is fucking, then contact him telling him you want to meet. Then let him enjoy your tight pussy, He will end up liking you more, and you can steal him from your mother.

  • Sorry but your mother is a slut and a whore. Stay out of it nothing good will come from you telling him what you overheard. The messenger is always collateral damage in these situations. I told a friend his wife was fooling around and she told him that I had hit on her. It was a lie designed to drive a wedge between my buddy and I. He believed her. In the end she left him and was fucking her boss. We don't speak. Lost a good friend and wish I had kept my mouth shut.

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