That backfired

Kinda sorta family, I am 42 and My wife passed away a little over 2 years ago and I went to her little sisters birthday party last week, We are still reasonably close since she wants to stay in the kids lives and still be their aunty etc. We were partying and drinking and she was trying to set me up with her friend from out of town who was staying at her house, I was sluffing it off and after a bit it was just the three of us still there, I have a pretty good alcohol tolerance so the two of them were fairly drunk and I still had my wits about me to a point.
Me and my late wife's sister were in the kitchen while her friend wet to the bathroom and she straight up said "You should take Mandy home", I said "Pffft, Quit it", She told me Mandy told her that she wanted me and I laughed and said "Oh ya, Whatever", Mandy came back and Samantha blurted out "You guys can stay in the spare rom if you want", Mandy's eyes got huge and they both burst out laughing, I said "Oohh I think I should probably go home", Samantha said "Oh come on, We are all adults here...Mandy hasn't gotten laid in months and I bet you haven't done much in a while", Mandy said "Oh smam (which is what she calls her) It's been longer for you than me", She just shrugged and laughed, Samantha looked at Mandy and said "He's got a big dick, You would be doing yourself a disservice to turn it down", Mandy laughed and said "WTF!!!! how do you know that?", Samantha said "Oh please...I have known him for 20 years...I have caught a glimpse here and there and he was married to my sister...Sisters talk".
Mandy and I looked at Samantha and Mandy said "Glimpses?", Samantha turned red and said "Ok, Ok...I looked a couple times when I was younger and I seen it once last summer" and she laughed, I had gone out and she came to watch the kids, When I got home she was sleeping on the couch so I went and showered and then walked out of the bathroom after a shower and didn't realize she was awake. I said "Wait...You were awake?", She laughed and said "Yup, And I seen you stroll to the bedroom swingin your big dick". Right about then I was like (Hmmmm....Can I fuck my late wife's sister who is 12 years younger than me?), I laughed and shook my head, Mandy said "Well....May as well whip it out and show us", Samantha laughed and said "ya sure, Whip it out".
I laughed and said "Oh ya?", She shrugged and said "I don't care" so I went for it, I undid my belt and stood in front of them, I unzipped my pants and both of them stood there sipping their straws, I lowered my pants and Samantha Gulped, that was when I knew I had her, Mandy just stared and I lowered them more, I have almost an 8" dick and it's good and thick. My dick popped out and Mandy said "Geezus Christ", Samantha took a deep breath and said "Yup...Told ya", Mandy looked me in the eyes and gulped, I held out one hand to Mandy and one to Samantha, Both of them set their drinks down and took my hand. I pulled both close and put both hands on my dick as it got hard, I kissed Mandy and then turned to Samantha and she pulled back, Bit her bottom lip and said "this is..Uhh..." and I whispered "It's all cool", She swallowed hard and said "Ya, ya..It's cool".
I kissed Samantha and Mandy and then Mandy got on her knees, I was like (Ooohhh shit...this is really happening), I pulled Samantha close ad kissed her, Mandy is maybe about 5'7", Brunette, Average built and rockin a set of...C ish cups Samantha is maybe a couple inches taller I'd call her average built but with a big ole set of DD's at least DD's maybe even bigger whatever that is for a cup size. Mandy was sucking me and I was kissing Samantha and Samantha looked down, Samantha Whispered "Oh gezzus" and I put my hand on her shoulder, She knelt down, Mandy looked at her and pulled back as Samantha Leaned forward and slid her lips over my cock, I'll be honest, I have probably wanted to fuck her for the last 13-14 years.
I waited just long enough to make sure Samantha wouldn't back out and then stood them both up as they shared my dick and then Samantha kinda tried to panic but I kissed her and she kissed me back, I led them both down the hall to the bedroom and turned off the lights but there was still plenty of light from the hallway. We all stripped down quick and jumped into bed, Samantha headed straight to my dick and started sucking it, She was moaning and doing a great job, It was not easy to not come. Mandy ad I kissed and then Mandy slid her way down to join Samantha. I was getting close to coming so I sat up, Laid them both down and Samantha was coving her chest with her hands, I took her hands away and she has a huge set of firm, Veiny, freckly tits, Big, Hard, Dark pink nips and Mandy has great, firm boobs with kinda big, light pink nips.
I went back and forth kissing them and touching them, I kissed my way down both bodies until I got to their matching flat tummies, Samantha put her hand Under my chin and said "I haven't saved in a while", I said "Good" and moved her hand, She moaned "Oh frick" as I licked her inner thigh, I licked Mandy's opposite inner thigh, and Mandy moaned, I went back to Samantha and went right for it, I leaned in and licked her fuzzy little pussy lips, She tasted really good ad had a little bit of inner lips sticking out, Samantha grabbed my head and moaned "Oohh yeess", I licked her for a few seconds nice and slow then ran my tongue up and found her hard little clit which is quite small.
Samantha moaned and folded her legs open, I leaned over and spread Mandy's legs, Mandy was already wet and also tasted great, I licked her and she she was completely bald with a full innie pussy, Soft, Puffy, Pink lips. Mandy tilted her head back ad Samantha looked at Mandy. I got on my knees between Samantha's legs and Samantha reached down stroking my dick, I turned her on her side to face Mandy and lifted her leg putting it across Mandy's hip, they went right for it kissing, I didn't want to waste any time so I pressed my knob against Samantha's little pussy and she tilted her hips, I pressed into her and she groaned "easy, easy" and I had to work back and forth a bit, Mandy reached over and grabbed Samantha's ass cheek spreading her for me and Samantha moaned "Oh fuck, Slow, You're huge", I grabbed Mandy and slid her down so her face was even with Samantha's tits and she cupped one and started sucking the nip, I worked back and forth and Samantha tuck her butt out letting me all the way in and moaned "Oh god, I'm gonna come".
Me and Samantha were both holding Mandy's head to her tit as Samantha came, I literally felt her come and get super wet, I kept stroking her as she moaned "Fuck yes, Fuck yes" and then she reached back, grabbed my shaft and held me still for a few seconds as she twitched and moaned, She pulled me out of her so I straddled Mandy's one leg and lifted the other, I rubbed my knob on her and she grabbed her own ass cheek spreading for me, I slid into her and she winced, Samantha kissed her as she winced and then Samantha whispered "Take it bitch", I was like (Whoaaa...Samantha is a dirty bitch) so I rubbed Samantha's pussy as I slid into Mandy, I tagged bottom with Mandy and she gasped, I pulled back a little and started stroking her.
I slid Mandy up so her and Samantha could kiss and then I rolled them so Mandy was on her back ad Samantha was on top of her, I took turns pulling out of Mandy and sliding into Samantha who was all worked up and loosened up a bit so it was not as hard to get in her even though she is a bit tighter than Mandy, Samantha was postured up with Mandy sucking her tits and I pushed her forward, Samantha took the hint, Climbed right onto Mandy's face, Mandy never missed a beat and held Samantha's hips while I fucked Mandy. Mandy was thrusting her hips and getting wet as I fucked her, Samantha was sitting on Mandy's face leaning forward and I was watching Mandy lick her pussy and I was licking her little brown ass hole.
Mandy tilted her head back and moaned "Don't stop, Don't...Aaaahhhhh" and I felt her squirt, It was leaking out as I pulled back and she kept moaning and bucking her hips, She licked Samantha as she was coming on my dick and Samantha's body tensed up, I watched her back as she tensed up and Samantha reached down, Grabbed Mandy's head and moaned as she held Mandy tight to her pussy, Mandy was loving it and licking Samantha fast as she rocked her hips and lifted them then sat back down, Mandy's face was all wet from Samantha's come and finally Samantha lifted her leg and flopped down beside Mandy and then I pulled her head down toward Mandy's stomach, I pulled out of Mandy and Samantha sucked me and then leaned in and licked Mandy for a few seconds, Mandy held Samantha's head there until I slid my dick back in Mandy and then Samantha laid down beside her.
Samantha looked great laying there with her long legs and big tits, I slowed down with Mandy as her orgasm died down and then I pulled out and spread Samantha's legs, She moaned "Oh fuck, I don't know if I can" and I slid in her, She just tilted her head back and moaned and I started fucking her She wrapped her legs around my waist and I fucked her slow and deep, She didn't seem to care when I came inside her and kept going, I fucked her a little faster and a little harder and she moaned and said "Come for me", I pulled out and she said "Oh shit" and I straddled her stomach, She said "Not on my face" so I did my best and shot my load all over her neck and tits, I got a little on her chin but Mandy was right in there and licked it off, Samantha and Mandy kissed and groped and Mandy rubbed my come into Samantha's tits.
After I came I laid behind Mandy and I laid there until Mandy fell asleep, Samantha got up and went to the bathroom, Wiped her tits off and pee'd then came back, I waited until she was sleeping then gathered up my clothes and bolted. Should be an interesting conversation next time we talk.

Jul 24
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    • How did that backfire? You got a 3some, every man in America dreams of. You fuvked your wife's sister, many men dream of. Stay friends with her, with possible benefits. You don't need to make her your wife, just enjoy a slice of that ass now and then. Id give anything to have a 3 some or moresome with any of my wife's sisters or all what the hell! Fucking good on you man, hot story also!

    • Hot story!
      Thanks for posting!

    • Good on ya man! I think many of us would jump at thr chance to fuvk our sister in laws. I have 2 that I would love to fuck. One I probably could but I try to keep the peace in their family. They're always not talking! I think this would seal the never talking to each other for good. She's flirted and touched my dick teasking me at a damn family function knowing if I said anything all hell would break loose. She had just turned 18 as well and I was 31 and had been part of her life since she was 5. God it was tempting and has been for many years.

    • That was very very hooot thank you

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